Stormshield: End-to-end and Collaborative Security for IT Infrastructure

Pierre Calais, CEO
With the data deluge and increased risk of threats and security attacks, many firms are readily deploying security solutions to counter the impacts. However, despite the widespread adoption of security solutions, enterprises often encounter complexities with respect to management and administration of workload in their daily struggle. To relieve the customers from the impediments arising from the utilization of multiple security solutions, Stormshield, a fully-owned subsidiary of Airbus Defense and Space, delivers unified solutions with convenient and intuitive graphical interface. “These interfaces have been designed to drastically reduce management overload,” says Pierre Calais, CEO, Stormshield. “This provides easy management and protection of a firm’s infrastructure, endpoints, as well as data.”

To address new security needs and to leverage the global protection level, Stormshield’s suite of solutions comprises of data, endpoint, and network security functionalities. The suite incorporates the Multi-Layer Collaborative Security (MLCS) strategy to interact with the solutions and other vendor products to regularly update on the rising threats. “The MLCS is a unique and intelligent collaboration between Stormshield solutions and their eco-system to protect digital assets in real-time,” says Calais. The firm also has partnership with one of the leading security software companies, Intel Security to ensure direct interaction with its products. This collaboration has also helped a Stormshield’s client to ensure data loss prevention in a really sensitive and specific context. Additionally, feedbacks from customers claiming the solutions effectively protect from ransomware or malware campaigns like Dridex or Locky affirms the prowess and applicability of Stormshield’s offerings in keeping security risks at bay.

Further, Stormshield Data Security (SDS), a software agent intended to save the privacy of digital resources and undertakings from internal or external leaks, by encrypting sensitive documents assures complete security of data in a collaborated environment. “The data keeps its confidentiality lockwherever it is stored or sent—files server, local drives in different device or any cloud like Office365, Dropbox amongst others,” says Calais. This eliminates concerns about data leakage and enables the customer to securely collaborate in an open and mobile world.

The MLCS is a unique and intelligent collaboration between Stormshield solutions and their eco-system to protect digital assets in real-time

SDS also follows the User- Empowerment approach which liberates the administrator from handling massive load of information in context to the access rules. To serve every customer’s requirement for a safe and protected IT infrastructure, Stormshield provides different security packs—Remote office packs, Unified Threat Management (UTM) and Premium UTM, Enterprise pack. The Remote office pack is for remote sites connected to a central server through Virtual Private Network (VPN). UTM and Premium UTM is for companies requiring all the security features like anti-virus, URL filtering amongst others in one box. Whereas, the Enterprise Pack helps target organizations by deploying a unique solution per security feature.

Stormshield’s solutions are trusted and certified at the highest level by independent organizations. “Our values are collaborative success, think global, and build trust, which means we work with our customers and partners all over the world, hand in hand,” says Calais.

Forging ahead, Stormshield plans to expand its presence across Europe, Middle East and the U.S. From a technical view-point, the firm will be releasing a new firewall designed to cope up with physical constraints of industrial environments and 2 new entry-level firewalls embedded with Wi-Fi. “We will also extend the integration capabilities of Stormshield Data Security to public cloud platforms and cloud applications,” concludes Calais.


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Pierre Calais, CEO

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