Strafford Technology: Finance Expertise and “Front-To-Back” Approach Drive Process Improvements

Adib Khartabil, SVP-Managing Partner
Adib Khartabil, SVP-Managing Partner, Strafford Technology, is a soccer enthusiast who played and coached for most of his life. Sports, he says, made him realize the power of teamwork and taught him the spirit of working towards a common goal. Being at the helm of a company that specializes in assisting clients with the selection of the right Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and BI tools, Khartabil infuses this team spirit into his workforce by creating an atmosphere that anticipates questions, shares knowledge and encourages new ideas.

With a unique work environment that is an amalgamation of teamwork and productivity, Strafford Technology addresses major pain points in the SAP landscape—poor reporting, visibility and access to data by business end users. They do this by empowering enterprises with fully supported BI and EPM applications via a cost effective, proactively managed cloud platform and with on-premises services. These powerful applications ensure that the right data goes to the right users’ hands, providing comprehensive information for informed decision-making.

“While we have exceptional technical and application expertise, it is our background in finance that enables us to help clients improve their current business process,” notes Khartabil. “We understand the business pains and the drivers, which helps us put together solutions that will attain the highest level of adoption and return on investment. We have also developed our own methodology—our “Front-to-Back” approach—which helps ensure that our solutions are fully geared to address specific business problems,” he explains. Strafford’s Front-to-Back approach helps identify the key matrix that drives the business, and develops the right model, solution and reporting structures for managers and users.

In addition, Strafford focuses on improving clients’ planning, budgeting and financial reporting process. “We do this by gaining an understanding of their current process and challenges, and then working together to deliver a solution that refines and streamlines the process, and helps them become more productive, more quickly,” he adds.

While we have exceptional technical and application expertise, it is our background in finance that enables us to help clients improve their current business process

Clients can also bring their EPM implementation to the Strafford Cloud and enjoy the benefits of a fully-managed private cloud hosting service that is supported by EPM application experts.

“We have an excellent blend of financial, business and technical expertise that allows our team to engage the users within an organization at all levels— from mid-level management to executive management,” says Khartabil. “The level and type of client that Strafford is associated with ranges from small firms through multinational organizations,” he adds. Out of the many success stories linked with Strafford, one case involving a premier manufacturing company in the U.S. stands apart. The client approached Strafford to help them put together a roadmap for their EPM and BI solutions. Strafford worked with the client very closely, implementing a full suite of EPM applications. This helped the client with their forecasting and budgeting, as well as consolidation and financial reporting. The client was so impressed with the outcome that they decided to further this engagement even after they went public.

Going forward, Strafford intends to continue expanding their cloud offerings. “We want to be the ‘Go-To’ company for rolling out EPM and BI solutions to companies of all sizes, both on premise and in the cloud,” reveals Khartabil. “We are very specialized in the industry and we are building a reputation as a company that is focused on putting together the best recommendations, roadmaps and solutions,” he concludes.

Strafford Technology

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Adib Khartabil, SVP-Managing Partner

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