STRATACACHE: Seamless Content Distribution and Enterprise Video Caching

Chris Riegel, CEO & Founder
The Internet has blossomed into a hub for video entertainment, news, commerce, and social networking, which is expected to grow at phenomenal rates in the days to come. With data streaming from all around, Internet Service Providers and businesses are finding it difficult to accommodate the explosive demand for media content.

Dayton, Ohio headquartered STRATACACHE and its wholly owned subsidiary SuperLumin, are solving large-scale content distribution, digital media, and application performance challenges while providing tangible return-on-investment and dramatically improved user satisfaction. “We are allowing network conditions to dramatically improve, even during peak consumption periods, by decreasing the overall volume of content moving over the provider network,” says Chris Riegel, CEO and Founder at STRATACACHE. “We are also improving performance for all other bandwidth-sensitive and non-cacheable network traffic, applications, services, and video content.”

STRATACACHE solutions help promote business growth, drive innovation, and increase productivity in any enterprise environment. The company’s solutions simplify organizational communication and significantly reduce network performance challenges. “Businesses commonly handle their data distribution using expensive, time-consuming solutions and none of it scales well in receiving multiple hosts, large amounts of data, or frequent transmissions. But, our solutions do,” adds Riegel.

STRATACACHE’s platform, OmniCast, works by allowing the user to compress, group, and schedule file transfers. Data can be distributed at an optimal time based on need or off-peak bandwidth usage and can be run using any web browser. “OmniCast is available as Software-as-a- Service, reducing the burden on the IT department and is quicker to implement,” explains Riegel.

SuperLumin’s NitroCast 3.0 software works by identifying frequently requested data and storing it on a local device. Also known as caching, this eliminates the need to repeatedly transmit the same content, saving costs and offering an improved experience for the end-user.
STRATACACHE also offers, Activia, the core software behind the company’s advanced digital signage capabilities, which enables clients to connect with their audiences through marketing messages based on their own preferred methods of communication.

“Through STRATACACHE’s SuperLumin solution, retailers and brands can deliver the highest consumable forms of media by pre-positioning the media closest to the consumer in the store,” explains Riegel. The company removes the risk of poor carrier signal or underperforming guest wifi, and delivers media by maintaining business rules that ensure the right content is being served to the right consumer. One case to highlight the power of STRATACACHE’s solutions is Safeway, the supermarket chain.

Through STRATACACHE’s SuperLumin solution, retailers and brands can deliver the highest consumable forms of media by prepositioning the media closest to the consumer in the store

Safeway is committed to providing their employees with opportunities to develop as individuals through online training videos. Unfortunately, their existing network could not keep up with demand. They had limited local storage space and slow response times; stores constantly needed to remove existing files to make room for new ones. But, with the installation of SuperLumin’s content caching servers, Safeway doesn’t need to worry about running out of space, and content updates are handled and replicated for each store.

STRATACACHE is working on behalf of its client partners to help diffuse the noise from the steady stream of bright and shiny to what creates impact at scale for their business, providing a competitive edge. “As our clients continue to aim at a rapidly evolving target with relevant messaging, we focus the majority of our innovation spend across materials and resources to stay ahead of their future needs,” concludes Riegel.


Dayton, OH

Chris Riegel, CEO & Founder

Providing solutions ranging from digital signage and IP video to content distribution and enterprise video caching.