Stratagem Technologies: Redefining Sports Trading as an Asset Class

Andreas Koukorinis, Founder and CEO
Sports trading is a fast-paced and rapidly evolving space culminating into an emerging financial market. However, when one looks closer, the ‘infrastructure’ that is expected to be found in a mature financial market, such as the technology to access market prices, a centralized clearing mechanism for trades and efficient risk pricing–essentially the base requirements for a formal investment process, do not truly exist. UK based Stratagem Technologies was initiated to address this challenge.

“Our technology not only applies a scalable data logic to vast arrays of relevant data but also takes the next step into automating sophisticated trading processes and making markets with minimal human intervention,” says Andreas Koukorinis, Founder & CEO, Stratagem Technologies.

Sports trading is currently witnessing a technological evolution similar to what other industries went through in the past few years: open source coding, agile product development, cloud based delivery and sophisticated data management. Stratagem has not only embraced these trends but is also pushing the boundaries by contributing innovative research in the fields of algorithmic game theory, reinforcement learning, machine learning ,and statistical modeling. “We realized early in our development that investing in R&D and establishing an IP ‘factory’ of sorts would be fundamental to our success. In response, we ‘built’ an extensive network of university collaborations so far unseen in the industry. We are aiming to catalyze a technological revolution and be trend-setters in the Sports arena,” adds Koukorinis. The company’s flagship platform, StrataBet, is testament to how Stratagem assembles all these assets to revolutionize the sports trading experience.

StrataBet gives sports traders the ability to explore multiple liquidity providers and markets, and aggregate their execution in one place with an overlay of smart order routing. StrataBet accelerates the traders’ ‘speed of insight’, by allowing access to best-in-class research, but also in millions of data points to strengthen their approach to the market.
The platform provides tools to evaluate scenarios and decisions, generate orders, and understand exposures. “StrataBet is designed to be a one-stop destination: we are providing proprietary data and analysis, curating relevant sports content from external sources and linking our users seamlessly with betting exchanges and bookmakers,” explains Koukorinis.

The company’s ultimate goal is to synthesize quantitative and qualitative information sources to generate new scientific insights with systematic precision. The Stratagem team leverage their discoveries to build investment strategies and stress-test them over a broad range of market conditions. This disciplined, data-driven approach to investment management facilitates intelligent trading decisions that seek to generate real alpha while effectively managing risk. One of Koukorinis’ favorite examples in recent times to highlight the company’s unique value is a customer who automates most of his sports trading. Over time, the client realized his trading strategies had stagnated but Stratagem infused some of their proprietary analyst data into his models and as expected, the turnaround in his portfolio performance was significant and he never looked back.

StrataBet is bringing into the mainstream a high performing, uncorrelated and liquid asset

For Stratagem, driving scale through technology and absolute focus on measureable results is the key to their strategy. Stratagem aims to become the prototype ‘investment bank’ for sports trading with a scaled trading and asset management division and a self-sustained research division. “Our customers will increasingly benefit from this end-to -end model and of course the fact that we are bringing into the mainstream a high performing, uncorrelated and liquid asset. And it’s worth noting that investors and regulators across the globe are catching up on our vision,” concludes Koukorinis.

Stratagem Technologies

London, UK

Andreas Koukorinis, Founder and CEO

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