Strategic Companies: Orchestrating Seamless Disaster Recovery through Technology Driven Competence

Sharon Davis, Founder & CEO
Founded in 1993 by Sharon Davis, Strategic Technologies Corporation is a provider of IBM hardware and software solutions to address and meet the challenges faced by organizations in today’s fast paced business environment. The firm’s proven success in delivering recovery services and assistance has positioned the company as a premier provider to many of the region’s largest and most respected private and publically held corporations, with a range of industries that include banking, healthcare, manufacturing, government, utilities and distribution.

Bringing in-depth knowledge as a certified business continuity expert and having over two decades of expertise working for multiple technology companies, Sharon Davis, CEO of Strategic Companies is successfully catering to the enterprises’ need for cost-effective disaster recovery, co-location, hosting, and consulting services. “Any downtime due to business disruption and potential data loss can be a catastrophic setback for any company’s commitment to excellence, customer service and long term success,” she explains. “We provide business continuity planning, testing, and disaster recovery assistance to protect the integrity of critical data through a full range of ‘real time’ data synchronization solutions. We do this through our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) capabilities and by leveraging our IBM Cloud offerings,” according to Sharon.

As an IBM Premier Partner, Strategic actively collaborates with IBM to deliver significant client value through a comprehensive package of innovative solutions and services to protect critical business data in case of any business disruption. Business disruption can take on many forms that include the obvious and not so obvious. “We all expect weather related matters, power outages and hardware failures to impact us. In our global society, threats have never been greater in the areas of cyber-security or denial of service attacks that can cause not only business disruption, but potential financial damage due to loss of client confidence and reputational damage,” states Sharon. “We consider ourselves a first line defense against unplanned disruption and have a highly qualified and certified technical staff to implement business continuity solutions that best meets organizational requirements,” states Sharon.

We consider ourselves a first line defense against unplanned disruption and have a highly qualified and certified technical staff to implement business continuity solutions that best meets organizational requirements

Strategic Continuity Services, a sister company was formed in 2004 to specifically focus on DRaaS and to address client needs in this new discipline. “Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is about helping our clients understand, prepare, practice and document to reduce potential downtime and mitigate risks to the organization. We help our clients understand not only their technology deficiencies, but also their operational considerations in the event of a business disruption,” said the CEO.

Disaster Recovery has always been a consideration in Banking and Finance. The needs and understanding of the impact of business disruption became more apparent to the business world with the demands of the 7 x 24 x 365 world. This was helped by the maturity and evolution of the internet and the additional bandwidth capabilities widely available. With over 30 years in the technology industry Strategic delivers meaningful solutions based upon competence and experience.

Strategic Companies have been at the forefront in providing IBM consulting and services to global enterprises and have successfully assisted numerous organizations clear business roadblocks. Forging ahead, the company is focused on bringing IBM technology solutions to customers and is continuing to develop cloud solutions to meet future infrastructure requirements. To supply the demand for increased services, Strategic Companies is aggressively planning to continue geographical expansion.

Strategic Companies

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Sharon Davis, Founder & CEO

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