Strategic CRM: Providing CRM Insights, Enhancing Customer Experience, and Promoting Channel Optimiza

Matt Carusone, Chief Business Consultant
Matt Carusone, Chief Business Consultant, Strategic CRM, feels that most organizations have invested large sums of money in an effort to launch their CRM initiative. However, fewer companies are taking the time to determine whether they are getting their best bang-for-the-buck from these CRM investments. Helping them in this assessment is Strategic CRM—a company that leverages Microsoft solutions to employ cost effective ways to identify and resolve issues that hamper user adoption and payback from CRM investments. Strategic CRM’s mission is to provide professional, detailed, consulting services to companies needing expert guidance on how to retain their current customer base. In addition, it helps clients in acquiring new business, through a systematic evaluation of the clients’ sales force, followed by solutions to help generate more revenue and profit for their businesses.

The company doesn’t align itself with any one CRM software vendor. However, it partners with all of the major players in the industry such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Sugar CRM, VTiger and Crmery Joomla to utilize their proven solutions. “Strategic CRM will stand out from the competition based on the philosophy and methodology that we have implemented with each potential customer,” says Carusone. “There aren’t many companies out there that will go the extra mile first to learn about a business then formulate and implement a strategy that works for that business,” he notes. Strategic CRM’s “top down methodology approach” of integrating people, process and technology to ensure the success of customer-centric initiatives is widely recognized as an industry standard. Its solutions in the areas of CRM/social CRM insight, knowledge communities, customer experience and channel optimization are unique to each organization and are focused on creating meaningful impact to the company and the customer.

Strategic CRM has performed extensive research on the enormous potential of CRM consulting in all niche markets in the U.S. and Worldwide. The company’s target market is 200 to 2000 employees sized businesses in any vertical market, with a keen focus on financial, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors.

There aren’t many companies out there that will go the extra mile first to learn about a business then formulate and implement a strategy that works for that business

For a real time understanding of the functions of Strategic CRM, consider the case of Madison Manufacturing, which is a mid-sized manufacturing firm that develops and sells fiber optic cable systems to small to medium sized companies. Madison needed a large workforce to be more productive from a tracking perspective. This was having an adverse effect on funnel management and the efficiency of the workforce. They were also using the same business card file systems since the 1990s for keeping track of leads, without a system in place to organize and go over each representative’s funnels and revenue projections. This is where Strategic CRM stepped in. The company customized a CRM solution that helped client organize their sales force and bookkeeping in a more efficient manner that fit their business profile and future direction, thus improving efficiency.

As the industry continues to move slowly out of post recession customer retention and advocacy reigns supreme, implementing or evaluating CRM solutions will be a very high priority to most business owners and C level executives—Strategic CRM aims to use this opportunity to its advantage. “With my business development experience and the amount of contacts and networks I have in the tri-state area, we will be able to make Strategic CRM profitable inside a year,” says Carusone. “With the emergence of Social Selling, i.e., LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, it’s just another prospecting avenue for me to generate revenue and grow Strategic CRM in an explosive CRM market,” he concludes.

Strategic CRM

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Matt Carusone, Chief Business Consultant

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