Strategic Mobility Group: How Mobility Solutions Can Improve Your Supply Chain Operation

Eric Holmes, Nancy Gorski and Nico Genet, Founders
Technology plays an indispensable role in the supply chain industry. It automates menial and complex tasks, and allows optimal utilization of resources. Today, mobility is transforming the way supply chain operations are carried out by connecting all the moving pieces from sourcing to transportation. According to a recent study conducted by Aberdeen, a business intelligence research firm, over 80 percent of companies use mobile deployment strategies in their supply chain, yet eight percent of them understand how well their devices and systems are performing. CIOs of companies in the supply chain rely on mobile technology to aid them in decision making. The leading supply chain managers are deploying the best technology powered by mobile, cloud and new age software. “Effective use of mobile devices in operations can streamline supply chain management.” begins Nancy Gorski, Co-founder, Strategic Mobility Group (SMG3). Headquartered in Schaumburg, IL, SMG3 is an innovative technology provider that designs and integrates mobile solutions for enterprises. They are partners to many mobile software and hardware manufacturers including Honeywell AIDC, who awarded SMG3 their 2013/14 North American Partner Excellence Award.

Recently, SMG3 launched the SMG3 EDGE, a mobile lifecycle management portal offering end-to-end device support and asset management solutions. The EDGE provides management with visibility into every aspect of the asset lifecycle - from procurement, asset tracking, reporting, and support. A major advantage of the EDGE is its ability to display project dashboards and detailed reports quickly and easily. “Gaining real-time performance data and providing 24/7 access to order and shipment details, allows all involved with the supply chain to focus on the use of the data as opposed to how the data is obtained,” explains Nico Genet, Co-founder, SMG3. It eliminates the guess-work around tracking and administration of Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) resources and devices. “EDGE permits the enterprise management team to access accurate device information and make adjustments to improve performance,” expounds Genet.
Meeting a client’s need against all odds is one of the things that truly sets SMG3 apart from the pack. As an end-to-end mobility solution provider, SMG3 assists their clients through every step of their mobile project. After companies turn to the Internet to buy mobile devices, they often find they purchased the wrong product. “We continually receive calls from panic-stricken IT departments who thought they understood mobility enough to make the proper recommendation for their company. They bought their devices online, the sales person they worked with assured them of their purchase, only to get the devices in and find out they made the wrong decision,” says Nico. SMG3 helps clients by evaluating their current or future wireless network. They study end users and help companies select the proper mobile hardware and software. They oversee integration, roll-out and training, and once everything is operating successfully, they provide many services: Tier 1 & 2 technical support, spare pool and warranty management, plus more. Incorporate the EDGE portal, and SMG3’s clients have a complete solution.

We continually receive calls from panicstricken IT departments who thought they understood mobility enough to make the proper recommendation for their company

SMG3 continues to explore opportunities in the supply chain. “We are widening our solutions to new markets, in an effort to streamline the supply chain process at enterprise levels,” shares Eric Holmes, Co-founder, SMG3. In addition, SMG3 aims to work on optimizing mobile data. “We will ensure that the end-user leverages the data properly to manage their supply chain investments,” concludes Eric on an optimistic note.

Strategic Mobility Group

Schaumburg, IL

Eric Holmes, Nancy Gorski and Nico Genet, Founders

An innovative technology provider that designs and integrates mobile solutions for enterprises.