Strativity Group: Building a New Customer Experience Paradigm

Lior Arussy, President
With the latest technological advancements and social media platforms to voice opinions, customers have become more powerful than ever before. The customer experience quotient has an intense impact on the metrics of a business ranging from customer loyalty and brand equities to cost saving and increased revenues. Businesses have entered the customers’ era–a time where the major focus is on customers, rather than on strategic imperatives like quality of product and best value for money. However, most of the available customer experience management tools lack in organizational, operational and strategic context. “At Strativity Group, customer experience management is not a tool, it is a strategy within the organization,” begins Lior Arussy, President, Strativity Group. Moreover, enterprises often end up buying customer experience management tools without having a detailed idea on how to best prepare themselves in terms of operations and strategy. Countering this challenge is Strativity Group, a company that takes a strong, multi-disciplinary approach to customer experience strategy, design and implementation. “At Strativity, we have developed a proprietary methodology that guides our clients to deploy programs that lead to improved customer experience,” he adds.

Strativity of Hackensack, NJ understands the customer journey, and takes a disciplined, holistic approach to customer experience management and fosters deep, profound cultural changes that support both the journey of a customer and the profitability of a business. The company takes into account the different metrics such as voice of customer program, cultural transformation, experience innovation, and employee training. “We cover the complete spectrum from diagnostic to innovation, to change management, all the way to employee engagement,” states Arussy. A trailblazer in customer experience, customer centricity and transformation, Arussy’s strategic framework converts organizations from product centric to customer centricity. Reinforcing the customer experience strategy, Strativity assisted German auto giant Mercedes-Benz to conquer the 1st position in the J.D. Power survey within two years.

Strativity’s consulting services are designed to yield measurable, meaningful results across all key customer experience touch points—from employee engagement to customer satisfaction and from resource allocation to bottom-line profitability.

Customer experience management is not a tool; it is a strategy within the organization

The company infuses customer experience strategy into its client’s business structure by understanding their brand and business strategy. “We ask clients about their current experience, and perform a customer journey mapping, and validation through our proprietary tool called Experience 360™,” says Arussy. The tool identifies problem areas and provides prioritized execution guidance to drive action plans while improving customer experience. Experience 360™ is a customer experience attribute and attitude analysis tool that examines the status of an organizations’ customer experiences strategy.

The company looks at the different files and personas of the customer, how they consume the product, what they want out of the service, and designs a straight approach to the idea of customer experience. “We create an action plan for the client, implement a governance model and roll it out within the organization,” says Arussy.

Further, Strativity has acquired Touchpoint Dashboard, a full service customer journey mapping company as a step of “natural progression,” in an effort to provide access to enterprise-class technology for customer journey mapping. This strategic move will allow clients to develop and manage customer journeys on their own.

The company’s core strength, its employees are united by passion and guided by a proprietary integrated methodology, unleashing exceptional performance. For the days to come, Strativity will continue to focus on its single objective—building businesses by creating new value for customers, promoting excellence in customer interactions, and fostering a lasting commitment to exceptional customer experiences.

Strativity Group

Hackensack, NJ

Lior Arussy, President

Provides a strong, multi-disciplinary approach to customer experience strategy, design, and implementation

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