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In the digital age, businesses of all sizes are increasingly banking on modern IT managed services to reduce costs, increase efficiency and productivity, and manage the ever-changing complexities of their IT systems. However, in the wake of constantly evolving technologies like the cloud, AI, and IoT, along with mobility, organizations are opening their doors to new cybersecurity possibilities.

Nevertheless, companies need to go a long way to harness and leverage these technologies while simultaneously safeguarding business data. This is precisely what the multifaceted managed IT support provider Stratosphere Networks aims to do. Stratosphere Networks is focused on delivering comprehensive technology services and solutions to ensure that data and IT infrastructure stay secure with next-gen technologies.

“In order to stay up to date with compliance, businesses should make IT security a priority,” says Kevin Rubin, President and COO, Stratosphere Networks. “However, most organizations are cost adverse and reluctant to adopt cybersecurity methods.”

This is where the significance of hybrid cloud environments lies, he adds. According to the entrepreneur, hybrid cloud solutions give businesses the flexibility to leverage the capabilities of both cloud and on-premise environments, thereby enhancing their overall performance. The hybrid cloud model cuts costs and saves space by utilizing the less expensive public cloud while also ensuring the protection of highly sensitive data. As a trusted advisor to its clients, Stratosphere focuses on hybrid cloud offerings. The company analyzes business requirements, infrastructure, end-user groups, road maps, performance, goals, and technology of their clients to provide a 360-degree understanding of how to maximize performance.

While the performance aspect remains generally overlooked by IT service providers, Stratosphere equips organizations with a cohesive technology support plan to observe a holistic approach in enhancing performance and take accountability for all the factors that can hinder performance. Backed by its wealth of in-depth knowledge in the managed IT services space, Stratosphere offers high-end connectivity and core infrastructure, with equal focus on aspects of the physical layer such as wiring, application, wireless, and endpoints.

Business continuity is also a significant part of Stratosphere’s offerings.
Kevin Rubin, President and COO
“While end-users must manage multiple applications in siloed systems, we bring in centralized controls, implementation of single sign-ons, as well as integrated applications, which reduces the time needed to conduct business operations and improves IT security savings,” Rubin says.

What makes Stratosphere second to none is its ability to offer comprehensive white glove support and rapid response services. “Stratosphere Networks is committed to improving businesses’ IT processes, as well as leveraging a lot of automation behind the scenes to reduce resolution time. Ensuring our internal teams have access to central tools and learning opportunities allows us to provide best-in-class support,” he adds.

In one instance, a nationwide mail order pharmacy and fulfillment company needed to undertake compliance procedures with healthcare regulations along with on-site IT support. Stratosphere delivered comprehensive IT services and support, including threat management (including web and log management) as well as firewall management (including proactive monitoring, port management, and remote/on-site support). This enabled the customer to effectively maintain security and compliance. Stratosphere’s holistic support helped the customer experience remote proactive monitoring round the clock, enhanced managed security detection and response (MDR), centralized management of IT infrastructure, and reduced risk of data breaches. Stratosphere’s solutions and support also improved the client’s level of protection from cybersecurity threats, along with complete access to call analytics.

Redefining managed IT services for 15 years so far, Stratosphere aims to be the leading IT support provider in the Chicago area. The company makes efforts to give back to the community through their volunteering program, sponsored events, and charitable donations.

“In the cloud solutions space, the direct sales model has almost taken a backseat to referrals, which calls for a holistic advisor model,” says Rubin. “We will continue to provide expert, objective suggestions to businesses about best practices and help them improve their overall performance.

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Kevin Rubin, President and COO

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