Stratus Technology Services, LLC: Partnering Skilled Professionals with Quality Networks

Jamie Raymond, CEO & President
According to McKinsey’s report, by 2018, the U.S. alone may face a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills. In the coming years, many IT jobs will be created globally to support Big Data. Furthermore, each Big Data related job will create employment for three individuals outside the IT field. So in four years time, a large number of jobs will be created, in the U.S., by the information economy. But the current number of IT technicians in U.S. needs to increase substantially within the next couple of years to meet this rise in demand. In addition to this, 1.5 million managers and analysts with the know-how to use the analysis of various technological innovations will be needed by 2018. With companies offering a myriad of solutions and services, the rapidly growing IT industry is indeed a tricky field to find the right staff. Recognizing the criticality of diversity in staffing, Stratus Technology Services offers various programs to foster diversity throughout all aspects of the workplace environment. “There is a stiff competition in the market to provide highly trained and skilled recruits to the clients. But, we seek candidates not only with the appropriate technical knowledge and experience but look beyond that for attributes like character, teamwork and leadership skills,” says Jamie Raymond, CEO and President, Stratus Technology Services, LLC.

Oftentimes a single supply channel is insufficient to meet the need of companies with aggressive diversity objectives. Sourcing and recruiting good candidates for large diversity initiatives can be a daunting challenge. “We utilize multiple channels to identify and secure highly qualified diverse candidates, providing clients with a reliable source for talent from a single provider. Under current conditions, many IT skills are in high demand and the supply of qualified workers is limited. Our company provides a cost-effective alternative to outsourcing that creates American jobs and empowers American workers,” adds Raymond.

Stratus Technology Services has partnered with Juniper Networks Solutions to provide innovative and high performance networking tools. “This partnership is a symbiotic relationship that benefits both Stratus and Juniper equally.

Our company provides a cost-effective alternative to outsourcing that creates American jobs and empowers American workers

Through Stratus, Juniper is able to reach clients with networking needs and deliver high performance networking tools that go into building robust network architectures. This allows Juniper to address business needs on the client side as well as improving quality of client network,” adds Raymond.

Raymond knows that the success of each facet of his company is primarily because of their willingness to engage its partners and clients in the process. “Stratus has multiple contact points with their clients to ensure a high-level of growth and steady profitability. Having such measures in place can deliver quality networks and guarantee that problems are resolved immediately,” explains Raymond.

Moving forward, Stratus has an exciting path planned out for both its clients and partners. “We intend to develop several projects in the future, one of which is implementation of VMX, first-of-its kind virtual router designed by Juniper Systems. This is expected to be a valuable tool in the hands of network employees and we are looking forward to see it being implemented in the enterprise world,” says Raymond.

The company’s product suite includes Guidewire Insurance Suite, which is a Java-based insurance platform designed for mid-level insurance companies. The suite allows insurance companies to deploy highly customizable applications using modern technology platforms. Stratus Technology has a demonstrated track record of assisting their clients in deploying, customizing, and maintaining their investment in Guidewire technology across the three primary products—ClaimCenter, PolicyCenter, and BillingCenter. In addition to this, Stratus Technology Services also focuses on application development, project management, security solutions, and networking tools.

Stratus Technology Services, LLC

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Jamie Raymond, CEO & President

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