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Rob Kennedy, Co-Managing Partner Paul Moser, Co-Managing Partner
In the present business climate, companies everywhere are struggling to manage excessive volumes of data. CIOs are tasked with finding the most effective way to manage the increasing amount of data in a cost effective manner either by storing data in the cloud or moving the information to outsourced or off-site data centers. However, not all data center solutions or service providers can tailor their offerings according to the customers’ requirements. “For most companies, building and operating data centers are not really a core competency. Our daily business is designing, building, and operating data centers. Many large data center providers literally have hundreds of customers in one facility. Our data centers are designed to have a handful of customers allowing us to customize the physical infrastructure, and equally as important, tailor the service offerings to each individual client through our on going operations,” expresses Rob Kennedy, Co-Managing Partner of Stream Data Centers. However, for Stream Data Centers (SDC), the Dallas-based data center solution provider, delivering customized solutions is the key behind the value of customers’ organizations. “Our goal is to deliver a scalable infrastructure in terms of power and cooling which ultimately provides efficient compute and storage capacity to global enterprises,” says Kennedy.

SDC commenced its journey as an acquirer of second-generation data center facilities and delivered spaces to its customers during the late 90’s. “As we observed the changing demands for improved, customized, and cost and power efficient solutions, our team started developing data centers in 2007. Since then, we’ve been an active developer, owner, and operator of data centers,” says Kennedy. The company operates Private, Ready-to-Fit (powered shell), and Build- To-Suit data centers for corporate users. “These data centers are purpose-built, secure, hardened buildings designed to be data centers from the start. They are not warehouses that have been converted into a data center,” explains Kennedy. SDC’s private data centers are purposefully built as single or multi-tenant, and draw dual feed power from separate utility sources and scalable cooling options.

Additionally, the ‘Build-To-Suit Data Centers’ are ground-up, customized, and fully commissioned data centers that are built according to clients’ specifications.

Our goal is to deliver a scalable infrastructure in terms of power and cooling which ultimately provides efficient compute and storage capacity to global enterprises

They are structurally enhanced with fully redundant infrastructure, designed to endure 185 mph winds and uplift. They provide enormous scalability, flexibility, and energy efficiency to the corporate customers. One of SDC’s core competencies is advisory services. These are consulting services for current and prospective clients which include evaluations of existing data center facilities, development of infrastructure requirements, market study/supply analysis, cost modeling for data center options, and implementation strategy and migration solutions.

Stream Data Centers serves Fortune 500 companies whose data centers support critical IT applications. For instance, one of their clients, a large healthcare firm, was facing difficulties in their search for a data center that could consolidate their patients’ data. Being involved in one of the most highly regulated industries, they needed a personalized solution. “We were able to deliver a customized design within one of our existing data centers in a time efficient and cost effective manner,” said Kennedy.

SDC stands out in the current market place for its capabilities of customization and deep industry experience. “Our business is continually evolving. Although we have best practices and standard procedures for delivering solutions, it evolves over time with each project and customer,” expresses Kennedy. “Our team of data center experts and nimble operational strategy enables us to make these adjustments. Like a sports team, we face all the market challenges together—this is what drives us to keep moving.” For the coming years, SDC is committed in continuing to expand and remain active in the space by adding more product offerings across multiple markets that helps manage enormous data volume.

Stream Data Centers

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Rob Kennedy, Co-Managing Partner Paul Moser, Co-Managing Partner

A data center solution provider specialized in developing and operating customized data center facilities for corporate users.

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