Streamline: Delivering Holistic Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Ross Croasdell, Managing Director
Although it is rapidly evolving as a key enabler of digital transformation, enterprise mobility is still a relatively immature technology area. Organizations find it difficult to find and implement reliable mobility solutions as they are often not designed to suit the challenges of an enterprise environment beset with nuances not encountered in consumer mobility. This often leads to expensive enterprise mobile solutions with low adoption and success rates. In addition, workforce expectations of enterprise mobility are driven by their consumer experience, and the ever increasing demand for mobile solutions in the workforce raises the bar on the user experience. This is where Streamline—a specialized enterprise mobility solution provider with a laser focus on user experience, with reliability baked into its core, makes its mark in the enterprise mobility landscape. Streamline brings broad enterprise mobile strategy and technology expertise to realize the business benefit of mobile solutions, in addition to minimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) for operating them. Streamline brings full-stack expertise for enterprise solutions, leaves no loose ends. “We have a holistic view of all components required for an enterprise mobility strategy to be successful, and we bring our own definition of enterprise mobility as a service (eMaaS). We are helping organizations rethink age-old technology axioms for enterprise mobility,” begins Ross Croasdell, MD of Streamline.

Redefining the Mobility Approach

Providing CIOs and their business partners’ visibility of their enterprise mobile user experience and issues at scale, and the ability to triage and resolve them, is an understated operations area of enterprise mobility. Streamline specializes in this space, and builds enterprise mobile solutions with the user experience and operations in mind. “We have two customers for every solution: the business and IT operations. Both are equally important components of a successful enterprise solution.” As an expert in delivering quality, and as an entity known for not trading quality for scale, Streamline is focused on three tenets of enterprise mobility: user experience, commitment to quality, and mobility as a service. Streamline offers a range of enterprise mobility services or as an end-to-end managed service; from owning development of mobile strategies to building and operating solutions. Streamline is often brought in to salvage unsuccessful enterprise mobile solutions, and leverages their wide range of expertise as needed to do that. Apart from enterprise mobility specific services, Streamline also specializes in performance engineering, IT transformation, and infrastructure technology services.

Exemplary Client Success Stories

An example of Streamline’s capabilities came to the fore when they untangled the highly knotted critical situation of a large-scale client, who was doing well from an organizational perspective, but had hit rock bottom from a mobile technology perspective.
With an enormous investment in enterprise mobility, alongside thousands of mobiles and tablets deployed across several locations, the client was burdened with managing complex, expensive and disparate systems. to The enterprise mobile user experience was poor, and it resulted in single digit adoption rates. With Streamline becoming a part of their mobility picture, the enterprise mobility adoption rate of the solution went from single digits to enabling a 100% mobile enterprise strategy for the customer. It was made possible with focusing purely on the user experience to improve and redesign an intuitive solution that was much more reliable. “We first built the operations architecture and instrumentation such that the client could see for themselves how their solution was operating. From there, we started picking off the systemic issues and UX to focus 100% on the user. It’s a simple and effective approach, but difficult in execution. We’re good at it as we have a very strong engineering core at Streamline,” states Croasdell.

We have a holistic view of all components required for an enterprise mobility strategy to be successful, and we offer as service our own definition of enterprise mobility as a service (eMaaS)

As a leading player in the enterprise mobility space, Streamline offers transformative expertise in enterprise mobility and does not offer a pre-defined, cookie-cutter approach to solution implementation. Instead, Streamline provides a tailored solution for each of their clients as needed. The ideal engagement for Streamline isto start at stage zero with any customer, and help them define their enterprise mobile strategy, and then implement and operate it for them. “This is a common approach for smaller enterprises, but large companies typically ask us to help them with a specific need or to outsource mobile operations,” says Croasdell.

Carving a Niche in the Market

Streamline’s goal is to be the premier enterprise mobility solution provider in the market that never compromises on quality. With its experience, user-first approach, and relentless commitment to quality, Streamline is on a good path to achieve that goal. The company stands out among their contemporaries as a leader identifying and solving gaps in the enterprise mobility space; both from providing expertise in addressing enterprise ecosystem specific challenges and operations products. The latter is an area that Streamline is investing in internal product development to fill. “We stick to the approach that if we differentiate ourselves from other providers with our breadth of enterprise mobility expertise, and provide better quality than everyone else, then the customer base will organically grow,” asserts Croasdell.


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Ross Croasdell, Managing Director

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