StreamLink Software: Grant Management Platform Connects Dynamic Ecosystems

Adam Roth, President & CEO
Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, StreamLink Software designs, develops and markets leadingedge process management tools for nonprofit and public sector institutions. The company’s flagship grant management solution, AmpliFund, automates hundreds of complex activities throughout the grant life cycle, thus freeing up valuable resources to pursue additional funding.

Adam Roth, the CEO of StreamLink Software says, “We built StreamLink Software with software as a service (SaaS) products primarily for their low infrastructure cost—a benefit for nonprofits and public sector organizations that are dealing with information challenges.”

AmpliFund drives capacity and compliance for nonprofit and public sector organizations, and generates additional revenue from both new and existing sources. It provides a complex, yet simple, ecosystem for managing grant information.

Historically, grant management involved significant amounts of emails, spreadsheets, and data collected from different people in different formats. With AmpliFund, this is all majorly consolidated within a single interface. Many management and reporting tasks can also be automated. This helps organizations increase productivity, and reduce the average time spent on administrative tasks by 72 percent.

Unlike other folks in the same space who build management systems, AmpliFund is a Saas tool that allows customers to manage ecosystems outside of their organizations (for example, funders can manage grant recipients, and lead recipients can manage sub-recipients). The product excels in managing and moving not only financial data but also performance data through multiple layers of the ecosystem. As a result, it brings clear transparency to government entities and nonprofits by making data sharing easy.

One key initiative of StreamLink Software was its work with the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board (Recovery Board) at the federal level.

We are at the forefront of creating a lowcost structure for public sector entities, which allows for massive increases in compliance, transparency and accountability

AmpliFund was used for the Recovery Board’s Grant Reporting Information Project (GRIP), which tested the feasibility of grant collection and reporting standardization across government agencies. The pilot proved compliance automation and improved performance reporting for government grants is possible. This was a precursor to the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act) that was recently signed into law. In addition to the DATA Act, the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) recently released omni-circulars place a larger reporting focus on grant performance. AmpliFund is designed to meet all of the new guidance for federal programs, state and local governments and all sub-recipients.

For the years ahead, Roth believes that with data acceleration, AmpliFund can further increase data visibility and accountability for federal, state and local governments. “I think there is an immense opportunity as well as challenges lying ahead for folks to simplify the grant management process. We are at the forefront of creating a low-cost structure for public sector entities, which allows for massive increases in compliance, transparency and accountability,” states Roth.

As the public sector blooms at the state and federal levels, many more agencies are on the lookout for a mediator to make operations smoother. With such a circumstance lined up for the years ahead, StreamLink Software views its grant management solution gaining exceptional value in the future.

StreamLink Software

Cleveland, OH

Adam Roth, President & CEO

Offers grant and board management platforms that connect disparate systems and processes creating dynamic ecosystems that drive performance and compliance