StreamScape: An SOA Platform for Data Integration and Analytics

Dmitry Lelchuk, Founder and CTO
As enterprise architectures evolve, information critical to business decisions is becoming fragmented and voluminous, constantly on-the-move and scattered across applications. Sub-sets of information are often moved between apps and devices, cloud sources or external systems to enable collaborative and reactive data processing. Increasingly, application data are both, at-rest and in-motion, requiring modern systems to query and process information as it moves through an organization. The realization that critical data now has two states and needs an innovative solution for integration and management served as inspiration to the StreamScape team.

StreamScape Technologies, a global provider of application infrastructure software offers a scalable platform for building and managing reactive data services.“The Application Data Engine™enforces SOA principles and eliminates implementation complexity; shielding developers from technical aspects of data management and simplifying the task of data integration. Service life cycle and deployment are handled by the platform, allowing users to discover and manage interfaces through a web-based catalogue,” says Dmitry Lelchuk, founder and CTO of StreamScape. Service interfaces are automatically exposed as REST or OData API and may be consumed by a broad variety of applications, mobile devices, data visualization tools, even Excel spreadsheets.“StreamScape eliminates the perceived short-comings of SOA by allowing customers to buy an SOA infrastructure or lease it on an as-needed basis in the cloud,” adds Dmitry.

With organizations evolving to be more data-driven and responsive, Micro- Service Architecture a specialization of SOA that favors fine-grained data oriented processing, emerged as a new trend in application design. The reason for this change is a gradual shift towards the so-called API Economy: exposing of business features to customers and 3rd party application developers through a public API, pioneered by Netflix, Google, Salesforce and Facebook. “Time-to-market, interface stability and fine-grained functionality have become critical to ensuring a feature-rich API platform” says Lelchuk. “As a micro-service enabler it is important for StreamScape to educate customers by explaining the benefits of an API platform and the changing role of SOA; then drive the vision by engaging with prospects that are focused on building an infrastructure for data aggregation and analysis.”
StreamScape offers cutting edge solutions to foster productivity across all aspects of SOA. The Reactive Data Platform™allows users to develop and host Application Data Services that process on-the-move data from any source,on– premise or in the cloud. “StreamScape’s Application Dataspaces™ include a query engine for accessing database, file and transient—in-flight—data using SQL-like syntax,making it easy to work with structured or unstructured data. Visual tools support data modelling, transformation and service interface definition as Objects, XML, or JSON documents,” states Lelchuk. Integration Service Packs offer advanced connectivity and stream-sourcing capabilities that animate at-rest data stored in applications, databases or file systems like Hadoop, converting it into streams of data in-motion; enabling Operational Intelligence, Decision Support and responsive Customer Engagement systems.

For example, a large wealth management firm recently chose StreamScape for their Decision Support platform replacing a costly, error-prone Operational Data Store system with a modern,lightweight and reliable stream-based solution, reducing cost and administrative overhead.

Reactive Data Platform™enforces SOA principles and eliminates the complexity of data service development, making SOA implementation an easy and implicit process

StreamScape plan to continue their focus on innovative tools that allow users to get meaningful insight from data without spending a fortune in the process. “We are working with cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon, data storage partners like MongoDB and Hadoop, as well as vendors like Salesforce to accomplish this goal,” concludes Lelchuk. “Data analysis is still an open field. The next few years should be pretty exciting.”


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Dmitry Lelchuk, Founder and CTO

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