Streebo: Delivering Competitive Solutions through MaaS and Analytics

Usman Memon, Co-founders Founded in 2009, Streebo is headquartered in Houston, Texas and has offices around the globe. Streebo provides Web, Mobile and Big Data solutions & services for the Enterprise space. Streebo's Big Data solutions provides insights to organizations thus making them more optimized & efficient; Streebo's Web & Mobile solutions allow organizations to better engage with their customers, partners & employees. Streebo's differentiator is its radical approach towards delivering these technology solutions. Streebo uses off-the-shelf pre-fabricated components & software modeling techniques to quickly deliver customized solutions that respond to changing business needs. Streebo has a range of readyto- deploy innovative solutions that are built on disruptive technologies like Web, Mobile & Big Data and solve very specific business problems in a variety of Industry verticals and domains.

Streebo Products & Solutions Enterprise Mobility
Mobile App Automator - Allows Business Analyst and IT specialists to rapidly model, assemble and deploy mobile and multi-channel apps without any programming knowledge or mobile background.

Streebo's Mobile Banking Suite - Streebo's ready-to-deploy Mobile Banking suite contains functionality for retail banking, credit cards, customer self-service and Financial Advisor Apps.

Streebo's Mobile Insurance Suite - Streebo's Mobile Insurance suite includes modules for both Life Insurance and Property & Casualty. Our mobile solution allows Customers, Agents, Providers and Employees easy access to Policy, Claims and Billing & Accounting systems across a variety of devices.

Streebo's Mobile solutions are deployed at some of the largest Banks and Insurance companies around the world. Our Mobile Solutions are cross-platform, secure, scalable and built on open standards. These solutions can be accessed from a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops/ desktops.

Big Data Sales Force Analytics for Pharma

Streebo has expertise in converting data to information using a variety of technologies and methodologies.
Streebo engages with customers in various business domains including Pharmaceutical and provides Sales and Marketing analytics to provide enhanced visibility and reduce cost of sales and operations. The firm’s information management solutions for salesforce effectiveness are in use at over six large pharmaceutical companies.

All of Streebo's solutions are available both on-premise or can be deployed on the cloud. These solutions are also available as "Software As A Service" model.

A Satisfied Customer Experience

Streebo’s Web, Mobile and Big Data solutions are deployed at Fortune 2000 companies around the world that includes names like Citibank, American express and Abbott.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the firm has offices in San Francisco, and also in the Asia-Pacific region in Ahmadabad, India and Karachi, Pakistan. The company is also doing business in Europe, Middle-East and Singapore.

According to Usman Memon, Co-founder and managing partner, Streebo, has envisioned the big goal of building 10 new products over the next 10 years. “We have a solid services business that injects cash and spawns ideas. Goal is to convert these ideas into products & solutions that use mobility, big data or the latest technology to solve meaningful problems that will propel the human race forward” he adds.


Houston, TX

Usman Memon, Co-founders and Mohammad Ovais, Co-founders

A global provider of enterprise mobility and big data solutions that help organizations achieve incremental revenue, operational efficiency and business growth.