Stria: Streamlining Efficiency through Document Management and Automated Medical Claims Processing

Jim Damian, Founder & CEO
In the wake of digitization and the ushering in of information technology into mainstream business, industries need to have the proper systems in place to store and maintain all the data residing in various physical and digital documents. This holds especially true for healthcare organizations, which are mandated by law to store all their data in Electronic Health Records (EHR), and rely on efficient documentation of files to manage their medical claims processing. Stria offers a Software-as-a- Service (SaaS) platform for healthcare organizations, which they can outsource to convert their documents and claims from any format into digital images, which are imported and stored in efficient document management systems.

Vexed by his inability to find relevant information from physical documents when needed, Jim Damian, Founder and CEO of Stria, created the company understanding the importance an efficient document management system holds in an organization’s ability to function effectively. “We offer solutions that are specific to our customers’ needs, and customize them to fit into their existing business models,” says Damian. Healthcare organizations can leverage Stria’s services to send them paper-based files and claims, and the company, through a rigorous process of data extraction, creates Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and converts them into appropriate 837 file format, while also creating efficient reporting methods. “Stria provides a gateway where paper and digital claims are received, and we extract the relevant demographics, line items, and information, creating a data feed for our customers which they get back within the appropriate service level agreement (SLA) timeframes,” explains Damian.

With so much focus shifting towards automation, which is key for achieving speed and accuracy in performance, Damian also notes the importance that people have in validating data, which the computers generate. “If you don't have the right combination of automation and people in the solution, it won't work. Technology is not the complete answer, it’s a tool which only when run by the right people work to our customer’s advantage.”
With a dedicated team looking to strike a balance between service and technology, their Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is tailored to meet their clients’ specific needs. In addition to healthcare claim data, they also process data such as HR records, contracts, explanations of benefits (EOBs), and service letters, and convert them into electronic content. Talking about its usefulness, Damian remarks, “So instead of just being a piece of paper in the filing cabinet, they actually become digital and searchable records that healthcare organizations can use to do key word searches.”

Instead of just being a piece of paper in the filing cabinet, they actually become digital and searchable records

It is only when solutions mete out results that they become relevant, something which Stria understands and works towards while delivering their services to customers. They offered their service to one of the healthcare organizations in the U.S., whose process of scanning and extracting data from their medical claims had become inefficient, expensive, and prone to errors. “We provided a professional managed service where we would take the paper claims, scan those, extract the data, and provide the data feed via 837 files,” says Damian. By outsourcing this process to Stria, the healthcare organization was not only able to record a reduced cost of operations, but also succeeded in vastly reducing their number of rejected claims.

With data conversion, high speed scanning, and claims processing as their core competency, the company continually keeps improving their services by investing in technologies that increase accuracy and efficiency. Working with this model of continuous improvement, the company strives to become the leading provider of document management solutions by delivering quality service at competitive prices.


Bakersfield, CA

Jim Damian, Founder & CEO

Provides software as a service (SaaS), document conversion services, and medical claims processing to healthcare organizations.