STROMASYS: Cross-Platform Virtualization Solution Provider

John Prot, CEO
Cloud-based solutions give business units greater autonomy. But IT departments still need to maintain increasingly complex arrangements of disparate technologies. “As time passes the old hardware setup becomes obsolete, and organizations face challenges in finding hardware replacements,” begins John Prot, CEO, Stromasys. In such a scenario, rather than replacing the entire systems and re-writing their software, it’s better for organizations to consider a strategy that is quicker, less troublesome, and offers the best of both worlds. The answer lies in hardware virtualization. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, Stromasys delivers virtualization solutions that seamlessly supports transition of business critical applications to a vendor-independent platform. “We assist clients in assimilating innovation at their own pace,” he adds.

Stromasys extends the life of software by delivering enterpriseclass virtualization solutions in a cost effective and convenient way. “We perform this by taking a back up of the existing system and reinstalling it in the new system,” states Prot. “Our software decompiles and recompiles binary code while it runs, in a process known as dynamic instruction translation to translate instructions while they are running,” he adds.

Stromasys’s flagship product, CHARON-AXP creates a virtual Alpha environment on a standard Windows or Linux based host system. The software helps organizations to easily and safely phase out aging and increasingly expensive DEC hardware, and replace it with an enterprise-grade virtual Alpha environment on an industry-standard x86 platform. CHARONAXP provides a variety of graphic and character terminal oriented interfaces and virtualizes all the components present in the original AXP hardware. The software supports both virtualized storage as well as physical storage. Virtual storage can reside on any storage subsystem presented to the host system. This can be SCSI, SATA, IDE or any other local storage.

“We take an industry-standard commodity server and place our software in it, and then it behaves exactly like the legacy hardware,” claims Prot.

We assist clients in assimilating innovation at their own pace

This helps organizations to load the old system and application software into the new system and continue running unimpeded while also embracing modern functionalities and performance at the same time.

Stromasys takes pride in its dedicated team of over 100 employees who work hand in hand with customers and partners; along with their unmatched level of experience that drive efficient virtualization of legacy platforms. The company has implemented more than 5,000 crossplatform virtualization solutions to the world’s leading organizations in over 50 countries. For instance, the City of Hammond relied on an Alpha Server 2100 to issue business licenses and property taxes, but the age and reliability of the hardware was becoming a serious concern. After running smoothly for years, the Alpha was starting to deteriorate rapidly: back-ups had to be performed manually, complicating system administration, and hardware failure seemed imminent. When one of the drives failed, the administrators realized that replacement parts were hard to find, and it became clear that the system needs replacement. After implementing CHARON-AXP software, the state administrators saw a significant improvement in their system. The state gained significant increase in performance and freed up space in their data room by replacing the old server, which was about the size of a filing cabinet, with a new, more compact one. Charon allowed them to achieve their goal—and more—for thousands of dollars less than what a traditional migration would have cost.

Moving forward, Stromasys plans to enhance and develop its product range. “We already have innovation labs in Asia and Europe, and we plan to expand our geographical footprint,” concludes Prot.


Geneva, Switzerland

John Prot, CEO

A provider of enterprise-class virtualization solutions for legacy systems.