Structurely: Transforming Lead Conversion with AI

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Typically, two-thirds of a salesperson’s day is spent following up on leads and attempting to engage with potential customers, leaving only a fraction of their time to effectively make the sale. To tackle this issue, Iowa-based tech company Structurely, has developed a conversational AI technology that can engage and hold conversations with sales leads through text and email, helping salespeople focus their efforts on highly qualified customers and closing the deal.

“We essentially save time since our AI assistant engages, qualifies, and even sets appointments for sales reps, allowing them to use their time actively consulting with clients,” explains Clifford Smith, CEO of Structurely. The firm’s AI Assistant works within leading CRMs, including, delivering intuitive features such as script customization, drip campaigns, and analytics. One of the flagship capabilities of the AI Assistant is its ability to engage leads both by email and also through text. With this two-pronged approach, Structurely’s clients ensure better lead engagement by eliminating the risk of end-user disengagement caused by long email response times or the inability of chatbots to take the conversation “off the website.” Additionally, the AI Assistant can send messages directly to consumers and connect them with relevant sales executives via an assigned local phone number.

Structurely’s AI automatically enters relevant customer qualification criteria into the database and captures the entire communication thread for review prior to the salesperson’s engagement. Sales executives can assume control of the conversation at any time during the conversation, even though they generally have to wait until the AI has indicated that the lead is ‘agent ready’—which is the primary goal of the solution.

Unlike its contemporaries that leverage conventional decision trees with rigid rules, Structurely’s AI assistant is powered by a sophisticated machine learning model that recognizes the intent of the end-user’s communications and even captures information delivered in a non-linear style. Generally, with decision tree based chatbots, users can easily recognize that they are engaging with a bot.
With Structurely, 99.9 percent of consumers believe they are engaging with a human assistant. The company achieved this by training its AI model with insights gathered from millions of conversations.

Highlighting the impact of Structurely’s AI Assistant is a customer success story where the company assisted a large enterprise client in boosting their lead conversion rates. Initially, the client was only engaging with 32 percent of leads while the remaining were going cold, either due to the salespeople not having the time to follow up or the lead simply ignoring the first few outreach attempts. Structurely’s ability to provide a more consistent and empathetic outreach provided the client with a significant growth in lead engagement, going from 32 percent to 70 percent. In a similar instance, Structurely’s AI Assistant helped another company boost their sales appointment rate from 20 percent of engaged leads to more than 50 percent.

We essentially save time since our AI assistant engages, qualifies, and even sets appointments for sales reps, allowing them to use their time actively consulting with clients

“We believe the current consensus toward AI and ML is that they are tools to support people in their day-to day activities,” asserts Alan McKellar, Director of Engineering at Structurely. “We are not here to replace people,” he adds. “We strive to free people up for value-added discussions like helping customers solve issues, not chasing them down for information.”

Structurely has recently expanded its offering from being predominantly Property-Tech (real estate and mortgage) to financial services (including insurance) as well as expanding into leading horizontal CRMs such as all with a vision to free up time for executives across numerous industry sectors.


Ames, IA

Clifford Smith, CEO and Alan McKellar, Director of Engineering

Structurely offers an AI-powered assistant that automates qualification and appointment setting with sales leads.