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David Morgan, Co-Founder & VP for Operations
Countries and organizations have always looked upon technological brilliance and improvisation as the ultimate “Spartan shield” for supremacy in defense. But at a time when budgetary resources of these organizations are being squeezed, an organization by the name STS International has emerged successful in reviving its objectives through its efficient and cost-effective engineering solutions. For the past 25 years, STS International—with a highly experienced and dynamic workforce—has been decidedly successful in finding innovative solutions for its customers, primarily the U.S. Government. STS International enables successful sustainment operations through a fusion of its engineering discipline and enterprise logistics and has seen its growth ascending by 600 percent in the last five years.

STS International provides a broad range of solutions for defense organizations, including a situational awareness system where data such as video, voice, and ground moving-target indicator information are fed from sensors and other surveillance devices and translated into actionable tasks distributed through secure networks. “Our innovative programs like biometrics, automated identification of personnel through fingerprints, and facial recognition stand out as groundbreaking advances in the military technology sector and help us establish our commitment to providing competent technical engineering solutions,” says David Morgan, co-founder and VP for Operations at STS International. Most of STS International’s projects are extensions of its core experience to deliver practical solutions; an approach that has aided them in providing inclusive and aggressive support to its customers in tackling greater challenges.

STS is a leader in providing trendsetting solutions with simulated environments. Medical trainees can take part in mock-up activities to face the high-risk and stressful situations which occur in battlegrounds and receive action review through audio and video recordings. STS has recently infused remote connectivity capabilities with WIFI control software into such offerings, further expanding the breadth and scope of its medical simulation program.

Our innovative programs like biometrics, automated identification of personnel through fingerprints, and facial recognition stand out as groundbreaking advances

Over the last few years, there has been a significant demand for an approach to logistics in the defense industry that would minimize the requirement for multi-skilled personnel, and STS International caters to these rising needs through its enterprise logistics support. “We are focused on being able to provide a highly competent and motivated workforce that responds to our customers’ logistics needs and solves problems based on their core expertise,” stresses Morgan. STS International’s current projects include platform integration at the engineering level to manage enterprise logistics and enable vehicles to drive autonomously. STS International has been providing unique and innovative solutions for its clients for the past 25 years. In one such instance, STS’ distinct solutions helped a customer upgrade their workforce and transformed it into a multi-disciplinary workforce that could thrive and face hostile environments. With the client facing the predicament of lack of funds and a burning need to deliver solutions quickly and efficiently, STS International met their requirements within the deadline, equipped them with more solutions at no additional cost, and made the company a powerful force in the market.

Serving 18 countries around the world, STS International has grown progressively every year through its ability to communicate efficiently and transparently across the globe. With an honest and focused approach to look at the requirements and emphasize integrated solutions with a successful enterprise logistics already in place, the roadmap of STS International is clear and visible for providing superior engineering and technical service solutions to both government agencies and private institutions.

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David Morgan, Co-Founder & VP for Operations

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