Studio 151: An indomitable force in the construction management and engineering field

Franz Seidelhuber, CEO of Studio 151
Studio 151 has demonstrated that a well-planned approach to the design of data centers can be a game changer in saving money and time. The company offers a rich portfolio of services for critical functions such as planning, program management, budgeting, construction quality control, and more, collectively engineered to translate a client’s potential requirements into real-world technological solutions.

Beginning its journey in 2004, leaders at Studio 151 noticed inefficiencies within many traditional construction projects, from concept building to designing and ultimately, their timely commissioning. These inefficiencies led Franz Seidelhuber, now the CEO of Studio 151, to contrive a definitive pathway to resolution while crafting a renewed design-build process that encompasses risk management, predictability, and maintenance functions to enhance project delivery. Even during the construction of data centers, factors such as infrastructure monitoring, power density, and cooling capacity require utmost attention, where Studio 151 caters to such needs through a robust design-build process.

The company leverages trusted industry relationships and tools such as Revit, BIM, and AutoCAD for design while participating in data center project design and integration for varied enterprise clients with diverse requirements. The company also retains adept engineers with a sound knowledge base to help clients across owner representation, power distribution design, generation of construction documents, construction administration, and more. Studio 151’s strong relationship with industry suppliers and expertise in the implementation of early procurement strategies, helps to accelerate the process of purchasing and acquiring major electrical components required to transform a brick-and-mortar into a fully functional system. By virtue of such a planned and fast-tracked approach, Studio 151 can complete a design in just six months, a stark contrast to the traditional delivery model that takes as long as 12 months to procure the necessary equipment.

Studio 151 also engages with clients at a fundamental level to understand their needs and guide them to the right decision. It empowers the customer to be in charge of the decision-making process and provides an in-depth analysis of their decision as valuable feedback.
The company recognizes the importance of individualizing their processes for each client in order to drive their projects towards success, by not only prioritizing customer needs, but also by understanding the industry they are working in.

“We seek to understand our customer’s requirements and deliver accurate solutions, so the customer has the ability to make the best decisions for their business” Seidelhuber shared.

We procure equipment ahead of time, while maintaining a resilient partnership with the team constructing the buildings

Studio 151’s ability devise and execute unique plans that are closely assimilated to each organization’s functions and values, combined with the deep pool of experience and knowledge within the company has allowed them to provide exceptional services to some of the largest and most sophisticated network infrastructures in the nation. For instance, Studio 151 was contracted to perform project management for the San Francisco airport and combat the challenges of relocating the nerve center of their emergency operation hub. Studio 151 became a part of the team that constructed a brand-new building, introducing the technology with Motorola and AT&T while efficiently carrying out the relocation process, remodeling the building and infrastructure, and overseeing the cost estimation of GMP conversion. Throughout the project, Studio 151 was instrumental in helping the client smoothly transition and migrate their system to the newly designed architecture.

Commemorating numerous such collaborations, Studio 151 boasts an indelible reputation among its clients for its comprehensive services and consistent involvement in their transformational efforts. The company functions as an extension of the client’s workforce, well-aligned with their work culture and strategic objectives, which differentiates Studio 151 from its peers in the industry.

Studio 151

San Francisco, California, US

Franz Seidelhuber, CEO of Studio 151

Studio 151 offers a rich portfolio of services such as planning, program management, budgeting, construction quality control and many more, collectively engineered to translate a client’s potential requirements into real-world technological solutions that generate consistent streams of revenue.

Studio 151