STULZ: Customized Mission Critical Cooling Solutions

Joerg Desler, President at STULZ Air Technology Systems, Inc.
Customization of solutions has transitioned into a trend that derives greater customer experiences. A worthy exemplification of this remark is the growth of STULZ, a company based in Hamburg, Germany that has built a firm foundation on the customizability of solutions and services. The company’s tagline—“Climate Customized”—signifies its ability to tailor experiences in power consumption and mission-critical applications, with air conditioning and air handling systems being its flagship offerings.

Starting off as a family-owned business, STULZ’s 70 year-history is commemorated by numerous advancements in air conditioning systems and solutions for various sectors such as information technology, telecommunications, medical science, broadcasting, and industrial cooling. The company’s journey sheds light on numerous trends and challenges pertaining to air conditioning, summarizing the unique requirements of its global clientele. “As we grew in the industry and interacted with different customers, we started to understand that providing service hand in hand with a solutions portfolio plays an integral role in understanding our customers’ needs and necessities,” says Joerg Desler, President of STULZ Air Technology Systems, Inc. The company has nurtured various acquisitions, partnerships, and collaborations in the recent years as a step forward to serve their clients holistically.

STULZ’s prime motto is to deliver energy-efficient solutions, an aspect that is recognized by its customers as a distinct trait of the company. Its expertise in the air-conditioning landscape has allowed users to closely associate data center architecture with adequate computational horsepower, thereby enhancing the overall operational efficiency and optimizing their network. This is traditionally achieved through architectures where cooling solutions are installed with data centers to achieve desired performance output. STULZ takes a different approach by delivering a customized design that is tailored to requirements of clients. A recent collaboration with CoolIT bolstered the company’s chip-level cooling solutions by enhancing performance efficiencies. This endeavor allowed STULZ to cater to denser workplaces without compromising on the capacity of data centers through effective space optimization.

We started to understand that providing service hand in hand with a solutions portfolio plays an integral role in understanding our customers’ needs and necessities

In a recent interaction with one of its clients, the company managed an upgradation project for a university seeking higher computing power— capable of handling 20KW load—for the research projects. The university was limited by the availability of space while considering enhancements to their existing architecture. The initial plan was to build a room within a room to house the high-density computer but proved to be infeasible from constructional and economical perspectives. “It became evident to us that our modular Micro Data Center (Micro DC) was the ideal fit for this infrastructure. We installed a configuration of 4 racks, 20 KW each, with integrated cooling solutions at the university,” adds Desler. The pre-configured installation eliminated the ‘room within a room’ architecture and ended up reducing most of the constructional requirements from a monetary standpoint.

Various such projects demonstrate how STULZ tailors its offerings as per the discrete requirements of clients. Ranging from small sized offices to large infrastructures, STULZ minimizes the need for structural augmentations and constructional changes and provides a complete solutions portfolio for different cooling requirements. Some of its recent acquisitions and partnerships have positioned the company at the forefront of the global mission critical cooling market. “We are also focusing on enhancing our performance by better utilizing the synergies of partners that we have within our organization; this allows us to serve our global clientele in the best possible manner,” concludes Desler.



Joerg Desler, President at STULZ Air Technology Systems, Inc.

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