STULZ Air Technology Systems: Cooling Solutions for Mission Critical Applications

Brian Hatmaker, VP
With infrastructure management systems increasingly integrating with IT management systems, and enterprises demanding to be highly resource efficient, the data center is becoming more value driven. Today’s data center market is experiencing an increase in Watt densities and higher return temperatures associated with the increased usage of containment. However, maximizing free-cooling opportunities and minimizing energy inefficient compressor run times continues to act as a hurdle for most of the data center projects. “In today’s shifting data center landscape, it is certainly challenging for CIOs to understand other critical infrastructure strategies,” says Brian Hatmaker, VP, STULZ Air Technology Systems. Based in Frederick, MD, STULZ Air Technology Systems provides reliable environmental control solutions that deliver the flexibility to grow and change as a client’s operation evolves. “We provide a number of highly efficient solutions including economizer cooling capability for a significant percentage of the year. This promotes increased efficiency and lower operational cost for data center operators,” he adds.

STULZ offers the broadest precision cooling equipment line up in the industry. “Our standard cooling and humidification products are developed to address typical critical environment applications, from small ceiling mount or in row units, to high capacity, chilled water, floor mounted and even outdoor indirect evaporative systems,” says Hatmaker. He goes on to explain that the company doesn’t only rely on a standard catalog offering. Instead, STULZ believes in listening to the customer and collaborating with user design teams to modify standard products or develop new solutions to meet their exact requirements. “Many of our current precision cooling solutions were born from working jointly with customers. At STULZ, we think of our cooling solutions as being ‘User driven and purpose built.’ Our flexibility to configure a cooling solution around our customer’s needs and strong commitment to help solve design problems differentiates us from our competition and returns great value to their project,” he adds.

For instance, STULZ was approached by a large technology company to provide a ground up design for a new DC strategy they wanted to implement.

We think of our cooling solutions as being ‘User driven and purpose built’

The scale of the conceptual HVAC units and project itself was fairly large and the project was in the preliminary stage. The planners were unable to obtain the design flexibility they needed from their incumbent vendor and turned to STULZ for help. “Our engineering team created an entirely new unit type for the customer at the right price point. Our time to market kept their project timeline alive and the units outperformed design requirements,” informs Hatmaker. “Listening and delivering: that’s our goal.”

STULZ also believes in developing solutions that could help customers reduce total cost of ownership. Several years ago, STULZ saw an opportunity to develop the CyberMod retro-fit kit to replace costly centrifugal fan sections in a competitor’s aging CRAH installation base with maintenance free EC fan modules that lower OPEX. The CyberMod retro fit typically returns a significant energy savings and is a straightforward, cost effective and minimally intrusive solution to optimize IT operations.

STULZ differentiates itself by engaging customers beyond the standard product offerings. “Our willingness to do so and remain price competitive is what differentiates us from the competition,” states Hatmaker.

With six production facilities and a sales and service presence across the world, STULZ believes in delivering flexibility to achieve customer’s trust. Forging ahead, the company plans to develop new, efficient products that maximize performance and reliability while minimizing carbon footprint in the data center. “At STULZ, we actively seek innovation and industry partnerships that enhance our products and solutions. We are excited about the opportunities to be the trusted advisor and solutions provider to IT professionals in an increasingly complex data center market,” concludes Hatmaker.

STULZ Air Technology Systems

Dallas, TX

Brian Hatmaker, VP

Provides highly efficient and innovative precision cooling solutions for mission critical applications.

STULZ Air Technology Systems