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Dr. Byron Cherry, COL, US Army Retired, CEO
There is a new trend of offering the federal contracts that traditionally went to large firms are now going to 8(a) Certified, SDVOSB (Service Disable Veteran Owned Small Businesses), Veteran Owned, Woman Owned and Hub Zone businesses. This is the direct result of the recent discovery by the federal government that these socioeconomic firms can do the same work as the big firms with better quality and at a lesser price. Succeed to Lead has position itself to become the market leader in this segment.

Succeed to Lead, LLC, is a SBA Certified 8(a) Program Participant, Certified Small Disadvantaged and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. Committed to serving as a force for integrity, good sense, and wise solutions to the problems facing organizations, it was envisioned by its founder, Byron L. Cherry, the CEO, to provide innovative solutions to the challenges that all businesses face.

"Our consultants help organizations overcome staffing shortages, budget constraints, and knowledge gaps. We have effectively built and developed solid relationships with such clients. We deliver high-quality and best value through their exceptional creativity, ingenuity, analysis, communication, and professionalism," says Cherry. He goes on to add, "We believe that we have the skills, expertise, and in-house ability to meet any requirement that we encounter."

The company provides a broad range of consulting services to organizations facing staffing shortages, budget constraints, or knowledge gaps. They serve the Department of Defense, federal agencies, state and local governments in Information Technology (IT), Financial Management & Budget Analysis and Execution, Human Resource Management, Logistics Management Services, Program Management amongst others.
Hence, the company is in a strong position to respond to the fluctuations in today’s market. It has low overhead costs, a competitive benefits package, and strong ties with big businesses as well as federal agencies. Also another crucial aspect that is unique about this company is the fact that they routinely add qualified professionals to their database which allows them to be responsive to a variety of staffing and consulting needs. "We play to our strengths rather than spread ourselves too thin. Too many other companies, especially small companies, try to be all things to all people. That’s a sure way to lose credibility quickly," mentions Cherry.

Succeed to Lead is an organization founded on administrative and management consulting and has grown to incorporate other capabilities as their reputation as well. Some of the biggest clients of the company include US Special Operations Command, HQs Marine Corps Systems Command, HQs US Marine Corps and Small Business Administration.

The company continues to see the traction within the Department of Defense sector and is now all set to expand into many other federal agencies and looking forward to some great teaming relationships with some of the large firms. Marching forward the company will continue to be a great organization that provides high quality and great service to its clients. "We are Veteran-friendly. Employees with prior military service often bring keen insight, experience, and knowledge of our government customers’ needs and requirements; this helps us develop better solutions for the most critical challenges which is a reflection of our motto, Your Success is Our Success!"

Succeed to Lead

Dumfries, VA

Dr. Byron Cherry, COL, US Army Retired, CEO

A provider of Consulting in Financial Management, Logistics Management, Information Technology, Cyber Security, Leadership Development and Training for many industries