Summit Hosting: The SAGE Managed Hosting Expert

Stan Kania, CEO
As companies strive to accelerate their competitiveness with highly responsive strategy and agile IT, SAGE has emerged as the unique partner enabling them to stay productive with its transformative business software. However, companies need support from technology experts that can simplify their SAGE journey, from planning to deployment, through to maintenance. Summit Hosting is a SAGE managed hosting provider that offers a dedicated server for each client, thus providing a platform for businesses to grow without being limited by the shortcomings of their IT infrastructure. “Currently Summit Hosting has over 15,000 users in the U.S. and Canada, making them one of the largest SAGE hosting partners,” says Stan Kania, CEO of Summit Hosting. Born out of the merging of two companies, and, Summit Hosting offers the entire suite of SAGE products, ranging from SAGE 50 to SAGE X3, as well as a range of services from Intuit, which adds to their streak of versatility and adaptability.

Summit Hosting takes pride in offering solutions that augment growth, security, and accessibility while removing IT obstacles. The company utilizes Microsoft 2016 servers dedicated to each client while using solid-state drives (SSD) hardware which assures a high-quality service. Microsoft 2016 provides the advantage of secure identity management, simplified administrative work, and software-defined storage, while SSD guarantees greater data transfer speed, energy efficiency, and reliability. Summit Hosting ensures foolproof security through dual authentication security and a unique password protection strategy. In addition, their security policy requires users to update their password once in every 90 days.

Further, dedicated data centers are used for U.S. and Canada respectively, resulting in the availability of SAGE editions exclusive to the region it is used in.
The ability to provide round-the-clock technical support adds further value to the offerings of Summit Hosting.

Currently we have over 15,000 users in the U.S. and Canada, making us one of the largest SAGE hosting partners

Summit Hosting has created a win-win proposition for itself and the SAGE partner community. The company offers cloud hosting and support to its partners’ clients that proves advantageous for all the parties in the SAGE ecosystem. The partner’s clients get the benefit of being able to add as many apps as required, while the partners have the flexibility to log in and support the customers remotely. As Summit Hosting’s services are convenient to use and easy to work with cloud-based data, clients get a comprehensive platform that allows them to build solutions tailored to their unique business needs.

Stan Kania believes that “A happy customer can be achieved only through a happy employee.” To this end, Summit Hosting provides its employees competitive benefits package that includes medical, dental, vision insurance along with life, insurance, and long-term disability coverage. “We provide non-traditional benefits as we choose to be a non-traditional employer. Our employees form the key drivers of our success.”

As the years ahead look promising for Summit Hosting, they will focus on providing stronger security, accessibility, performance, and exemplary customer service. Kania plans to augment their success journey by building on their technology prowess by acquiring new companies. “Our continued growth will be through acquisitions of other hosting providers and expanding our influence in Canada,” ends Kania.

Summit Hosting

Charlotte, NC

Stan Kania, CEO

Summit Hosting offers SAGE managed hosting to enable businesses across the globe explore SAGE’s transformative business software

Summit Hosting