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Bret Hickenlooper, President
It was just three weeks from a client interaction regarding a contact center solution requirement that went against SUMO Communications’ favor when Bret Hickenlooper received a call from them. “Can you please come back, the last solution didn’t go well,” recalls an amused Hickenlooper, president of SUMO. As an unbiased and trusted third-party broker in contact center solutions, the SUMO team saved the day for the client by bringing in four contact center solution provider options that suited the client’s specific requirements.

SUMO Communications’ team of experts helped the client evaluate the presentations of the providers, reviewed each platform and navigated them through the process of selecting the most appropriate vendor for their organization. Ultimately, the customer was able to engage the best provider that fit their needs and was satisfied with the efficiency they gained in their workflow. What sets SUMO Communications apart is that they keep a constant vigil of the market and engage with the best providers to help their clients procure the right contact center solution to fit their organizational needs.

Given the growing number of contact center service providers in the market, it is hard for customers to choose the best. SUMO thoroughly vets its partners by reviewing their products, credibility, and long-term results. Founded 16 years ago, SUMO has partnered with the best voice and contact center solution providers in the market, including Five9, Genesys, NICE inContact, Sharpen, Serenova, Talkdesk, and others of equal caliber to provide best-in-class services to their clients.

As a first step, SUMO identifies problem areas and feature-set requirements, and based on this a list of potential service providers is selected.

We have developed an expertise that customers can lean on as an unbiased and trusted third-party broker, which helps them procure the right contact center solution for their organization

SUMO effectively saves the client most of the legwork and reduces the frustration by assisting in product procurement, implementation, and support of contact center services.

“It is often a struggle for customers to find a scalable and flexible contact center solution that can meet the daily heavy traffic demands effortlessly. To this end, SUMO empowers clients by engaging them with a robust and reliable cloud solutions vendor that offers elasticity and the ability to scale based on requirements,” explains Hickenlooper. “The SUMO team excels in finding the right vendors across the globe to meet our customers’ needs.”

To continue their current success, SUMO Communications plans to maintain its growth in terms of market expansion and will add solutions and providers to meet their clients’ demands. “As customers begin to recognize SUMO as experts, we believe that we will become their partner of choice in guiding them in selecting the right contact center solutions,” concludes Hickenlooper.

SUMO Communications

Centerville, UT

Bret Hickenlooper, President

A trusted third-party broker that helps in the procurement of contact center, collocation, and cloud service providers as per customer requirements

SUMO Communications