Sun Print Management: Sun Print as a Service Eliminates Copier Leases

In this proliferating mobile and technologically advanced business environment, Managed Print Services (MPS) assists enterprises in tracking printing expenses while providing required expertise in meeting the complex printing needs. However, organizations often struggle to focus on gaining control over the printing equipment, replenishment, repair and IT operating costs. To address the issue, Sun Print Management implements an easy solution by managing the cost of fax, print and copy. The company allows its customers to focus on production rather than the means of production by offering per-page charges. “We offer managed print services, equipment, toner, supplies and maintenance through a coordinated national network of employees and certified representatives,” says Peter Wagner, President of Sun Print Management.

“In the life of an average print device, the greatest single expense is toner, followed by labor, parts, and the device. Organizations often fail to predict the proper fleet configuration, which leads them to live with the existing configuration for 3-5 years,” he adds. Providing total flexibility to return, swap, and replace any device at any time, Sun Print manages material, IT, and end-users. Their comprehensive solution, with no hidden charges for spare devices, delivers accessories—additional paper trays, finishers—and printer help-desk services, initial inventory, and specialty mainframe forms creation and chip sets.

Sun Print Management was founded on the belief that by building a toner cartridge that exceeds the original equipment manufacturer, they can deliver better reliability and cost savings for their clients. “We then developed the idea of providing a full integrated vertical solution with all costs, including device, all toner, and parts on-site service, in a simple per impression charge,” Wager explains. Mirroring the principles of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, the company has imbibed a “Managed Print-as-a-Service (MPaaS)” model which helps them to replace all non-current Multi-function Printers (MFPs)— copiers and printers—with the current model HP equipment without an initial capital expenditure.

“We are an HP business partner and work with them on a daily basis. In particular, we see the value of this partnership the most when a client requests advanced services beyond our normal penny-per-page offering.

The 1970s are gone.. Copier leases, pushy sales people and contracts should be as well

In these cases, we partner with the dedicated HP Solution Center team,” affirms Wager. Together, they work all through installation, configuration, and support, along with designing and implementing HP technology such as Access Control, Security Manger to provide, cloud print, follow me print, secure printing with proximity card reader integration. Additionally, the company’s MPS Program provides cost-effective printer upgrades and manages technological issues that occur with printing. “65 percent of our business comes from the healthcare vertical, the next largest is retail and manufacturing,” says Wager.

One of their clients, Baylor Scott and White Health System, a healthcare solution provider, approached Sun Print to resolve their print-related issues. Sun Print reduced their monthly spend for MFPs and replaced their expired copiers with HP equivalent. Sun Print’s MPS Program saved $1,000,000 in the first 17 months. Today, the health system has grown dramatically and all MFPs are managed under one contract. “The unified management of a single HP printer and MFP fleet has reduced cost and complexity of their MPS environment.”

With advancements around the corner, the company is planning to help organizations simplify their approach to MPS while standardizing on HP print technology by reducing organizations printing costs. “In future, we intend to incorporate advanced MPS services such as cloud print, secure proximity card job release without spending large amounts of capital,” Wagner concludes.

Sun Print Management

Holiday, FL

Peter Wagner, President

Offers managed print services and current model HP Multi-function and laser printers