Sunverge Energy: Distributed Energy Storage Solution to Optimize Renewable Energy

Kenneth Munson, President & CEO
The global trend is towards renew- able energy sources where tapping an hour of the sun’s energy is more than enough to satisfy the world’s energy needs year around. While energy con- sumers want reliable power at lower costs, utility concerns are grid management and energy delivery costs. “At Sunverge, we believe that distributed computing in- telligence, paired with advanced power electronics and battery storage, can solve these challenges,” says Kenneth Munson, President and CEO, Sunverge Energy. Headquartered in Stockton, CA, Sun- verge offers utilities a platform to harness the power of distributed energy for the benefit of both the consumer and the grid.

The Sunverge Solar Integration Sys- tem (SIS) is a simple, intelligent, and cost-effective distributed energy storage system that captures solar power and de- livers it when needed most. The innova- tive grid-tied model combines batteries, power electronics, and multiple energy in- puts in a UL certified appliance and cloud based software platform that aggregates, monitors, and controls distributed genera- tion and stored energy.
SIS units, along with a solar system, are installed at homes and businesses and connected to the grid and the local elec- tricity supply. Applications run on each unit to automatically lower electricity bills, improve power quality, and protect the grid. The unit monitors solar genera- tion, electricity demand, electricity pric- es, and battery capacity in real-time, re- acting to events as they happen. If the grid goes down, the unit provides solar backup power to the home. If the home is generat- ing more solar power than it needs, excess is stored in the battery.

As SIS units are installed at customer sites, a virtual power plant of solar and storage resources are built. Across the en- tire fleet of units in operation, aggregated power and energy is reserved, scheduled, and dispatched. As events such as storms, downed circuits, or even fluctuating wholesale electricity prices occur, units are coordinated to provide an orchestrated response. Integration with utility systems for demand response, outage manage- ment, and energy management allow for more automated and data-driven control.

Sunverge has taken a holistic ap- proach to the design and engineering of the product that meets stringent utility requirements for performance, reliability, and safety.
“Our applications and integra- tions built on top of this platform place operational control in the hands of the utility,” says Munson.

The company’s numerous projects demonstrate Sunverge’s ability to align the goals of residential consumers, com- mercial and industrial customers, and electric utilities to help maximize the value of renewable energy investments. “We have over 3.5MWh of distributed storage and over 1.2MW of distributed solar under active management, and have achieved an average production uptime of over 98 percent,” adds Munson.

In an insightful example in Australia, Sunverge provides solutions to isolated communities living in towns, which are far away from the centralized grid. Given the distance and the high price of diesel, the design challenge was to integrate a diesel generator into their system, while prioritizing the use of solar power in the overall energy mix. “The intelligence in our system allows the home to be powered by solar when the sun is shining, by diesel when it is not,” explains Munson.

Applications and integrations built on top of this platform place operational control of distributed energy resources in the hands of the utility

Sunverge Energy’s team of profes- sionals understands both the energy and the software business. With the evolution in utility and consumer storage solutions, the experts combine the two into a servic- es-based delivery model.

“We continue to improve the key components of our product such as the form-factor, the services platform, the algorithms, and utility and consumer ap- plications. Our focus is also on customer experience across the full spectrum of en- gagement, from marketing to installation to support and beyond,” affirms Munson.

Sunverge Energy

Stockton, CA

Kenneth Munson, President & CEO

Optimizes the value of renewable energy by leveraging the practical advantages of distributed generation, storage, and software-as-a-service.