Superb Internet Corporation: A New Paradigm in Cloud Computing

Haralds Jass, President & CEO
Digitization of modern business has created increased reliance on cloud computing. However, there is a total lack of transparency in cloud hosting, which is seen as a key challenge by CIOs. According to Haralds Jass, President & CEO of Superb Internet, “Others’ cloud is like a box of chocolates where you never know what you are going to get next.” Well-positioned to address the challenge, Superb Internet, a cloud hosting provider, stands apart from the rest by providing complete transparency in cloud hosting and by not engaging in overselling of resources. With data centers in Seattle, WA, McLean, VA and Springfield, VA, and its own coast-to-coast IP backbone, the company offers customers the best in cloud hosting, managed hosting, colocation, dedicated servers, and more, all with 100 percent uptime guaranteed and delivered.

As one of the oldest hosting companies established in 1996, Superb Internet allows their customers to choose fully dedicated cores and discloses the actual processing power of every core. “We offer the latest distributed storage technology coupled with local storage performance to provide high availability, without any bottlenecks or single points of failure,” adds Jass. The company’s on-demand cloud hosting service FlexCloud offers an hourly, usage-billed, ‘pay-as-you-go’ service that is best suited for developers and test environments. CloudServers and Dedicated Cloud offer a single-VM (Virtual Machine) cloud resource and a resource-pool based cloud service, respectively, that can be used for a single large VM or multiple smaller VMs, all built, copied, duplicated, and destroyed by customers in real-time.

Superb Internet also extends other cloud services such as the practically infinitely scalable WholesaleCloud that is built for larger businesses, enterprises, content providers and SaaS companies with many 100s or 1000s of VMs to host. Moreover, partnered with OnApp, the company launched CloudPOD, a built-to-suit private cloud that can be customized according to a customer’s exact specifications. Additionally, Superb Internet’s HybridCloud controls all the public and private cloud services that can work together as a unified whole and also can tie in customer’s dedicated and collocated resources. “Through our services, organizations can have their critical systems run on a private cloud, while utilizing the public cloud for instantly scalable on-demand front-end resources,” explains Jass.

“Directly controlling the entire aspect of our customers’ service affecting resources the data centers, the IP backbone, the on-site staffing, etc.-enables us to deliver an unparalleled level of service”

Superb Internet has significantly invested in their research and development department in order to deliver cutting-edge technology. In terms of software development, the company’s operational platform brings together and automates all the processes as part of a unified whole. “We do not depend on any third party software vendors, but rather develop and deploy all of our operational and automation systems internally in order to add new features and functionalities on a daily basis, staying true to our motto, “Ahead of the Rest” notes Jass.

Furthermore, following the standards of quality, security, and efficient operations, the company offers a range of services for an entire business growth cycle from start-up to enterprise scale. “We invest significant amount of time and resources in our data centers to ensure that we meet and exceed the global ISO 9001 & 27001 standards,” says Jass. “Our data centers staffed 24x7x365 by skilled systems administrators and network engineers, also function as customer support centers.”

For the road ahead, the company is working on a number of new additional features for their cloud service. “We are currently developing an extensive API for our FlexCloud in order to provide a scripted and further automated custom rule-based control system,” says Jass. Superb Internet is currently operating at four different locations. “Our multiple geographic locations, all functioning together as one, result in easier-than-ever migration and duplication of cloud VMs and functions across geographically dispersed clouds,” concludes Jass.

Superb Internet Corporation

McLean, VA

Haralds Jass, President & CEO and Ken Nunes, COO, Jason Wong, CGO

One of the world’s oldest hosts – circa 1996, operating its own data centers and coast-to-coast IP backbone, offering a full range of cloud, dedicated & managed hosting services.