Superna: End-to-End Solutions to Converged Infrastructure and Data Center Certification

CIO VendorMichael Arno, CEO
Over the years, IT and technology enablement is increasingly becoming more mission critical to business. CIOs are consistently focusing on utilizing technology to its fullest capacity, while at the same time concentrating on critical infrastructure, virtualization, and security—prioritizing them to function in a systematic manner. Superna, a software and services company, is on a pursuit to provide ample services to the IT industry with nimble and efficient technology to mould the enterprises with a well defined infrastructure. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, the company offers software solutions specifically focused on converged infrastructure to manage and enhance operating efficiency. Operating an interoperability data center, the firm also carries out testing of solutions and certifications.

“Established as a consulting firm, we aggregated all the expertise and transformed ourselves into a product-oriented firm,” says Michael Arno, CEO of Superna. With an in-depth research and testing strategy, Superna is filling the gaps in the infrastructure realm with simple yet powerful solutions. One of these solutions, Superna Eyeglass, targets converged infrastructure along with Disaster Recovery Orchestration and replication configuration management. For converged systems, Eyeglass eliminates the need for multiple tools to manage the converged infrastructure environment. It performs monitoring and root-cause failure analysis, monitors critical applications, and offers visualization of all virtualized workloads and system components of infrastructure. “With converged infrastructure playing a vital role in the sector, our solutions have created a new method for rapid deployment of technology, with lower IT support requirement,” says Arno. This has resulted in various organizations utilizing Superna’s solutions in configuring robust infrastructures.

With a well built data center, Superna also offers certification of software for EMC and VMware, and serves some of the major storage vendors and Independent Software Vendors (ISV) of the IT industry. In collaboration with EMC, the firm customizes the testing and software according to the clients’ requirement, which has helped them carve a core business module in the market.

With a well built data center, Superna serves some of the major storage vendors and Independent Software Vendors (ISV) of IT industry

For instance, an ISV wanted to migrate their applications onto the VCE Vblock converged platforms, but lacked the access to the physical infrastructure or the technical capacity in house. The ISV approached Superna to help them create a path to remotely connect from their development sites in Europe, Asia, and California. Superna came up with an application which can synchronize the relationship with physical and virtual layers. The application was so impeccable that it monitored workloads on management infrastructure functioning effortlessly. Moreover, the application was deployed in less than 25 percent of the time compared to other solutions.

Recognition, domain knowledge, partnership with major leaders in the market, and long standing experience in all EMC platforms and systems are the key factors that differentiate Superna from the rest of the league. Along with that, the company has undertaken a continuous investment in their data center infrastructure facility, new technologies, and best in class software development to stay ahead in the competitive market. Presently, software applications from various vendors are being tested by Superna for validation and qualification of their distance interoperability solutions by EMC.

Superna desires to grow its focus on software products with a strong commitment towards configuration management. “We would like to continue our relationship with industry leaders and stay technology focused on networking and management,” says Arno. At the same time the company wishes to explore new technology platforms for better prospects.


Ottawa, Canada

Michael Arno, CEO

A software company specifically focused on configuration management and software testing certifications.