SuperUp: A New Mobile Experience That Changes the Way We Shop

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Roy Ittah, Founder & CEO
Technological innovations are accelerating the growth of mobile commerce at a breakneck speed. In such a scenario, millennials are increasingly opting for online shopping using mobile for an enhanced purchasing experience. “Consumers easily locate product stores and make a quick purchase decisions with a mobile device; yet, the global conversion rate on mobile is 2.5 times worse than the web,” says Roy Ittah, Founder and CEO of SuperUp. While behemoths such as Amazon and Alibaba are dominating the e-commerce market space, retailers and brands are struggling to have a strong online presence and fail to deliver an optimum purchasing experience on mobile to their shoppers. This is where SuperUp comes in. With an aim to engage more millennials and GenZ with revolutionary mobile shopping experiences, SuperUp, an Israeli-based multinational company offers a unique cloud-based eCommerce and monetization platform—eComMarketing. “At a time when the line between the retailers and brands is blurring expeditiously, SuperUp vies to enhance the shopper experience and boost the online performance of retailers, brands, and advertising agencies.

With SuperUp, retailers can provide fast and entertaining shopper experience via shoppable videos and content, ultrafast voice technology, personalized product discovery, and machine learning powered product suggestions. Shoppers can compare products and prices on various platforms before making a purchase decision. They can also share their shopping cart with friends and family in real time. Items can be found easily through the personalized display showcasing relevant products and recommendations.

SuperUp’s highly customizable eComMarketing platform is white labeled by leading retailers. Available in the mobile and web versions, the platform can seamlessly integrate with retailer’s any backend platform such as SAP CX, Salesforce, Shopify, or Magento. The platform thus supports all online channels and delivers shoppers with true omnichannel experience, as it also assists store shoppers to scan items, redeem coupons or self-checkout. On the other hand, brands leverage SuperUp’s unique platform to interact with consumers directly and build a strong relationship with them, which eventually leads to improved sales.
By collaborating with retailers, brands gain more online sharing space, a “digital shelf”, to display their products and attract a greater audience.

Unlike Google and Facebook, SuperUp’s platform offers advertisers the opportunity to “turn push advertising into product advising.” Brands can target potential customers by placing personalized and contextually verifiable product ads (ads relevant to the page’s content based on keyword, targeting) and elevate their ROAS. “We empower marketers to directly engage consumers—while they are making a purchase decision—in real time using AI-powered personalized messages,” says Ittah. Retailers can not only grow their sales but turn their digital channel into a vehicle to monetize brands’ activities.

The company’s success can be exemplified by its engagement with Kruidvat—a member of AS Watson Group and the largest health and beauty retailer in The Netherlands and Belgium. SuperUp worked with the client to execute their new mobile app. By covering 95-100 percent of their catalog on a daily basis through the eComMarketing platform, the client improved the conversion rate by 3 to 5 times compared to the market standards. In addition, SuperUp also helped them increase the basket size by up to 40 percent while maintaining high user retention rate.

Aiming to bring in innovation in making mobile-based online shopping personalized, entertaining and interactive, SuperUp is continuously working toward transforming its clients’ business and will soon launch its platform with leading retailers of grocery, health and beauty and fashion in new markets. With its mobile-centric technology and customer-centric approach, SuperUp is creating waves in shopper engagement.


Ashdod, Israel

Roy Ittah, Founder & CEO

SuperUp invented an exceptional mobile shopping and advertising platform, eComMarketing, which connects consumers, retailers, advertisers and brands. Its proprietary concept has been designed especially for mobile to enable grocers, health and beauty, fashion and mass retailers to provide consumers with the ultimate shopping experience. In all its uniqueness, the platform demonstrates exceptional product discovery capabilities through insanely fast voice search, and entertaining experience through Shoppable-videos and content. Further, it hybrids personalized shopping experience with unparalleled real-time targeting capabilities to leverage retailers' mobile traffic via search and personalized product suggestions