Sure Power Consulting: Passion For Quality Results In Entire Innovation

Stephen M. Sutton, CEO
Sure Power Consulting (Sure Power), headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, uniquely and solely focuses on energy, utility, oil and gas modernization. The firm is passionate about quality and committed to power, utility, and oil and gas modernization. The company’s fundamental desire is to impact the environmental footprint of energy production and transmission and tries to contribute to the reduction of dependence on foreign energy.

More than a staffing firm, Sure Power strategically enhances the efforts of vendors, consulting partners, and internal staff to make sure the requisite background and practical, real-world knowledge for achievement.
Presently, Sure Power is providing subject matter expertise and project leadership to prominent energy utilities and oil and gas organizations throughout the United States and Canada.

The company’s DOE Reporting & Compliance Consultants possess professional and personal backgrounds that have been vetted through some of the most vigorous screening processes in the industry. The firm’s Customer Information Systems (CIS) address business-critical utility meter-to-cash and customer care business processes.

Sure Power associates possess a number of valued attributes central to its relentless pursuit of “Quality.” The firm with its unwavering commitment to quality and unmistakable passion for Resourcing Smart Grid TransformationTM helps its clients to surpass the hurdles without much effort.

Sure Power Consulting

Alpharetta, GA

Stephen M. Sutton, CEO

Focusing on energy, utility, oil and gas modernization.