Sureline Systems: Application Mobility and Disaster Recovery Software Platform

Ravi Goyal, Co-Founder, President & CEO
As increasing number of enterprises adopt Virtualized Datacenters, Private and Public Clouds, application mobility is indispensible for uninterrupted service delivery and SLA fulfillment. However, smooth transits for applications across all the storage environments comes with added challenges for CIOs, like unplanned outages and planned disruptions that occur in cloud storage for any inconsistence in applications and data availability. Santa Clara, CA based Sureline Systems, addresses these challenges through a single unified solution for Application Mobility, Availability, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Vaulting.

Sureline’s SUREedge® is a proven, enterprise-class software platform for Application Migration to Cloud, Application Mobility, and Disaster Recovery; accommodate onsite, remote and cloud-based scenarios for mission-critical applications running on physical and virtual servers. Easy-to-deploy solution is flexible, with highest quality recovery points, replicates them remotely, and delivers zero data loss failover and failback. “Prior to SUREedge, DR solutions supporting physical or virtual servers, locked customers into one vendor’s cloud or colo-services. They lacked cloud-based Application Mobility or DR site and testing the Recovery plan—without losing data or affecting Application Mobility,” says Ravi Goyal, Co-Founder, President and CEO. SUREedge captures all the metadata and configuration information required for full application recovery and its access at the new site. It can test the Recovery plans easily and frequently without locking the customer to a specific cloud.

Platform comes with Re¬covery planner—allowing enterprises to quickly set appli¬cations, define migration, mobil¬ity and recovery plans. “Also, SUREedge’s Recovery Simulator simulates and tests Recov¬ery including application and connectivity recovery with 1-click and with zero impact on service availability,” remarks Ravi. “SUREedge includes all Application Mobility requirements in¬cluding migration to cloud and between datacenters and clouds,” he declares.
Sureline, a member of Microsoft Partner Network, uses Microsoft’s (VSS/VADP/VDDK) APIs to flush data in RAM to disk, to take application consistent policy driven snapshots as often as every 15-minutes or less. SUREedge’s Recovery appliance can quickly and efficiently create Recovery Points for Microsoft Hyper-V mission-critical applications including Exchange, SQL, Oracle and any windows or Unix and Linux based applications. Sureline is also a VMWare Partner and provides very comparable solutions for the enterprises using VMWare as their preferred virtualization platform.

Enterprises with heterogeneous environments comprising virtualized and unvirtualized Linux and Windows, Sureline can migrate their workloads to Microsoft Azure or any VMWare Cloud without worrying about application consistency, application access and data loss.

For instance, one of Sureline’s customers needed a solution to migrate their production servers to Microsoft Azure and also needed the cost of their DR solution reduced. Sureline helped them move their entire production environment to Azure. This included replication to Azure, full system and application recovery, test, final sync and cut over with less than 10 minutes—only during the cutover. Also, they built DR to Azure for Linux, Windows servers to Azure. “We helped the client save $10,000 in DR costs per month, increased up time of production servers, and reduced System Administration overheads by 20 percent,” states Ravi.

Sureline is singularly focused on the needs of the customer in the current dynamic IT and datacenter world, where the role of IT is going through a revolution. Where most BCDR solution providers’ pricing is based on the total required disk capacity, Sureline’s pricing is based on the end-user’s data size. “This business-model alone saves my customers tens of thousands of dollars each year,” states Billy Buckley, CEO ENT Networks. “Going forward, we want to offer broader range of solution and services in Application Mobility, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity supporting Open Stack and hyperconvergence platforms,” concludes Ravi.

Sureline Systems

Santa Clara, CA

Ravi Goyal, Co-Founder, President & CEO

Provider of the next-generation cloud application mobility and disaster recovery solutions aimed to simplify application migration, application mobility and enterprise class disaster recovery for mission-critical applications and making it affordable and simple for enterprises of all sizes.