Sutherland Global Services: Converging the Complex Telecommunications Environment

John Lee, VP, Global Head of Solutions and Platform Development
For Communications Service Providers (CSPs), creating a “Single 360-Degree View of the Customer” that crosses all lines of business, different sales/support channels, and their disparate technology environments is a critical first step to achieving that elusive, seamless customer experience. The large number of disconnected channels (including web sites, call centers, chat, texts, stores, kiosks, sales people, field engineers), each having their own underlying organization, processes, and support systems means that creating that Omni-Channel 360-degree view has traditionally been a huge challenge that few CSPs have overcome.

Recently Sutherland Global Services, a global provider of Integrated Business Process (iBPO) and technology management services, introduced its SCAN (Sutherland Customer Analytics Network) 360: Omni-Channel Customer Engagement offering to address these challenges with a single comprehensive iBPO solution; helping clients to transform customer experiences while leveraging Big-Data Analytics to increase sales, reduce churn, and enhance customer loyalty all while improving business performance and aggressively reducing costs.

“CSPs are rapidly developing new offerings and aggressively entering new markets—blurring the lines between telecom, entertainment, media, and e-commerce companies. They have no choice; those industries are encroaching on them and Over-the-Top (OTT) services are eroding their revenues,” says John Lee, SVP, Global Head of Solutions and Platform Development. “Sutherland’s vision of the Integrated BPO (iBPO) is that we take full responsibility and accountability for all client customer-facing business performance.Then they can focus on developing new products, winning new markets, and beating the competition.”

The innovative SCAN 360 offering coordinates all customer interactions across all channels over four primary processes: Customer Experience, Customer Lifecycle, Quote-to-Cash, and Supply Chain. Each process is supported by specialized people, workflows, and industry-best practices all connected through an insight-driven technology platform that allows Sutherland to easily monitor, measure, analyze, and optimize the entire business environment including the silos.

Sutherland’s vision of the Integrated BPO model is that we take full responsibility and accountability for a client’s customer-facing business performance

Sutherland then inserts advanced technology capabilities such as Predictive Analytics, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Human Cognition, and Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence into the workflow; reducing headcount, increasing accuracy, and tightening security while increasing upsell/cross-sell revenues.

Clients have been quick to jump on the Sutherland bandwagon. “A good example is services we provide to a Fortune 50 client. We handle a wide variety of their customer care, order processing, tech support, and supply chain processes,” explains Lee. “Our objective is to make the entire business as seamless and efficient as possible. We introduced RPA and now robots do some of the work, but when a customer calls, we can track the status of the order wherever it is in the process adjust the date as necessary, modify billing, and even provide installation support. We coordinate everyone involved: the customer, the contract manufacturer, the shipper, the installer everybody in real time from a single platform.”

For the road ahead, Sutherland is focused on driving innovation that transforms business results. With award-winning “Design-Think” Innovation Labs, Sutherland is investing heavily to becoming the iBPO “Performance through Innovation” leader. “We use SCAN 360 analytics to drive customer delight and business performance then use machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve the analytics, tweak a few things, then do it all over again Performance-as-a-Service,” concluded Lee.

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John Lee, VP, Global Head of Solutions and Platform Development

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