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John A. Baltes, President
‘Improving our client’s business’ is the sole goal of SVA Consulting, the Microsoft Gold Partner and service provider since 1992 that organizations have turned to for solving business-related issues and opportunities. Whether it’s enabling a work-force, providing executive insight or reducing cost, the firm, headquartered in Madison, WI, listens and learns about the challenges and business objectives of their clients before building a comprehensive blueprint for achieving the objectives.

“We are business people first who also have a deep understanding of technology. Our value is aligning technology with the organization’s strategy,” says John A. Baltes, President of SVA Consulting. In today’s world where most technology providers are trying to figure out how to initiate discussions with business leaders, that is where SVA Consulting has always been. As technology publishers like Microsoft continue to innovate, it is companies like SVA Consulting that solve business problems and empower organizations to harvest the benefits of that innovation.

SVA Consulting provides an array of professional services that are anchored in strategic IT consulting and integrating systems. Their delivery services include the deployment of Business Intelligence solutions, as well as ERP, CRM and custom applications. Add in a growing Security & Government Regulatory Compliance practice and it is obvious why organizations turn to SVA Consulting for assistance. “Most organizations we work with have automated the transactional aspects of their business to drive down cost. Now they desire ubiquitous access to these systems and information to gain a competitive advantage. Easier said than done with everevolving technology and security threats abounding,” says Baltes.

Baltes continues, “We are in an unprecedented time where technology no longer dictates the speed in which an organization can introduce change. Using Cloud resources, we are able to deliver in hours what used to take days or weeks and was cost prohibitive to most organizations.”

Our best clients are business leaders with a vision to use IT strategically

SVA Consulting is undoubtedly a leader in utilizing Cloud based resources for the benefit of their clients. This goes well beyond the typical re-selling of a SaaS solution to fully configuring Private Cloud infrastructure and integrating On-premise, Private and Public Cloud applications.

SVA Consulting recently found itself in a rare opportunity to use all its capabilities with a single client. An emerging medical device/biotech company that already had a Billion dollar market cap was on a fast path to release their first product to the marketplace. SVA Consulting’s opportunity was to assist in defining the organization’s business processes, then design and build an entire computing environment from scratch. SVA Consulting’s challenge was to build a system that can readily change as the organization matures and can scale with the anticipated explosive growth. “We couldn’t be more proud of the work done here and the partnership we have. It is rewarding to participate in bringing a product to market with such profound societal impact. Essentially, this test has the potential to diminish colorectal cancer in the same way the Pap smear did cervical cancer,” says Baltes.

There has been a 30+ percent growth for SVA Consulting in the past three years. Baltes speculates this growth is a reflection on their business focus, their array of services and the value being delivered. Perhaps confirming his thoughts is the fact that ninety-plus percent of their business is referred to them and an average client tenure is in excess of ten years.

SVA Consulting

Madison, WI

John A. Baltes, President

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