Swampfox: Omni-channel Communication Software for Customer Interaction

The tech-trends such as big data, mobile, and cloud are influencing businesses across verticals industries with each passing day. Contact Center is one such industry that is undergoing a massive transformation with the intervention of technology. “In today's competitive environment, technology plays a vital role in delivering rich customer experience. Whether through mobile applications or omni channel interactions (phone calls, SMS, email), the touch points are all generating the big data sets that analytics needs. The mix between premise and cloud technology is now always a consideration too,” says Bob Cooper, Co-founder and CEO, Swampfox. This scenario has led organizations to search for viable partners who can help them in leveraging prominent contact center software to streamline their businesses. Columbia, SC based Swampfox is one such company that delivers self-service and contact center software solutions to market. “We focus on the transformation, of contact centers by extending existing investments and partnering with IT and the business. We help demonstrate the results the organization is after,” says Cooper.

The Swampfox Customer Experience framework is designed to manage consumer feedback loop, recording customer interactions and preferences

Swampfox offers a broad array of applications that share a common goal of empowering and satisfying the end consumers, while managing customer interactions and providing better insights into consumer needs. “The Swampfox Customer Experience framework is designed to manage consumer feedback loop, recording customer interactions and preferences,” explains Cooper. This framework supports traditional automated interactions such as Speech and Touch-tone Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications and advanced applications such as Dynamic Route Manager (DRM). Each of these applications is designed in accordance with the customers’ preferences and the interactions are recorded in a reporting framework. “DRM understands the intent of the customer contacting the enterprise, collects the nature of the enterprise agent resources, and routes the customer to the best possible agent, or application,” explains Cooper.
Bob Cooper, Co-Founder and CEO
One of Swampfox’s application solutions, Outbound Campaign Manager (OCM) is earning praise in the market for its ability to engage customers on the right channel of communication at the right time. The contacts are connected through email, text message, automated voice (IVR), or through an agent within the OCM application. “OCM supports and enables the organizations to use their consumers’ preferences (pre-defined or ad-hoc), and escalation strategies to ensure the most effective and appropriate contact method is used,” describes Cooper.

To understand OCM application’s effectiveness, consider the requirements of one of Swampfox’s largest utility customers. They had the need to confirm the availability of a consumer before an appointment. Under normal circumstances, the utility would simply ‘roll a truck’ hoping the customer was still available or place a call (that a consumer might not answer) from a service bureau. In order to address this challenge, the customer chose Swampfox’s OCM application. This application enables the utility to send a personalized email, letting them confirm their appointment. If the utility doesn’t receive a confirmation from the resident, OCM sends a text message to the customer’s mobile phone, allowing the customer to reply with a confirmation or reschedule. Subsequently, an automated telephone call (with optional agent assistance) is placed confirming the appointment, saving money and preventing bad customer experiences. “Each step provides maximum flexibility, manages costs, and delivers the least-intrusive and best customer experience,” affirms Cooper.

In the days to come, Swampfox will strive to cater better services to its end consumers and will help enterprise customers differentiate and measure the effectiveness of their services.


Columbia, SC

Bob Cooper, Co-Founder and CEO

Provides solutions on Interactive Voice Response, speech self-service and mobile apps to improve customer experience and enhance the clients’ Net Promoter Score.