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Charles Jennings, Founder & CEO
Modern business organizations are in need of highly adaptable and scalable communications, network and IT infrastructure. They have turned to the rapid deployment of comprehensive cloud strategies, to even out complexities that exist in their daily operations. “Many CIOs and CSOs are left to endure and fix the effects of fast-changing threats such as cyber attacks, transnational crime, terrorism, civil unrest, severe weather, drought and wildfires, intellectual property theft, workplace violence, and social media vilification,” says Charles Jennings, founder and CEO, Swan Island Networks. Oregon-based Swan Island Networks is a cloud based system provider specializing in risk management and situational intelligence solutions in the enterprise security market. “We help our customers address these threats by empowering them with real-time intelligence to build stronger defenses, prepare more agile responses and make faster, better, smarter decisions in crisis situations,” Jennings says. The company’s software and services have been extensively used in crisis and special security events around the world ranging from the Fukushima nuclear meltdown to the NATO Summit in Chicago.

Swan Island Network leverages its partnership with Microsoft to provide TIES, a service offering that caters to the needs of public sector enterprises. “Using our TIES service, customers can take advantage of many new technological advances—cloud, mobile, intelligence sharing, GIS tracking, CAP alerting, intelligence channels, networked video surveillance, smart alerting. All this while still feeling safe and secure because the service is hosted in Microsoft Azure,” Jennings affirms. Contributing to this, he adds, “This service can be deployed easily, and accessed instantly through the cloud. Our value proposition is that we provide clients with the threat intelligence they need, filtered for them personally, when needed the most.”

TIES connects existing Microsoft and third party products or systems with thousands of potential intelligence sources, including social media, to produce a powerful new service. “We work with a global network of Microsoft resellers in North America, Australia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia to deliver the promise of smart technology around the globe,” says Jennings.
The Azure-hosted TIES service has consistently been operating at uptime rates of 99.999 percent for several years, without a single minute of unscheduled downtime. “We recently provided our TIES for Microsoft CityNext service to NGOs battling the Ebola outbreak in Africa. Bing maps and search were an integral part of our Ebola intelligence solution, as they are for all our products,” reveals Jennings. The solution’s intelligence channels, dashboards and smart alerts delivered filtered news from around the world. It also helped monitor social media and even provided wi-fi hotspot maps for NGO personnel on the ground in Liberia, Nigeria and elsewhere.

Unlike its competitors, Swan Island Networks is the only organization that is dedicated to an indirect sales model. Furthermore, the firm’s business practices and software solutions extend to support many resellers and OEM business partners. The company’s capability to offer a built-in catalog of intelligence channels; robust smart alerting controls and identity federation that helps disseminate information and intelligence sharing across organizations are some of its core differentiating factors.

Using our TIES service, customers can take advantage of many new technological advances—cloud, mobile, intelligence sharing, and GIS tracking

In the near future, the company’s mission is to help extract better real-time data, and produce smarter and valuable human intelligence. “In the emerging interconnected, Internet-enabled world—driven by IoT, effective and affordable security intelligence is needed more than ever. We will continue to help companies innovate and move faster while responding to risks that are likely to unfold in the future,” concludes Jennings.

Swan Island Networks

Portland, OR

Charles Jennings, Founder & CEO

A cloud-based information services provider specializing in agile situational intelligence and risk management solutions.