Swenson He: Mobile Incorporation in Digital Strategy

Nick Swenson, Managing Partner
We live in times, where a tap on the smartphone can water the flowerbed, control the room temperature, schedule an appointment with the doctor and consequently not just remind the patient about it, but also book an Uber to the hospital. Across the board, businesses from every vertical want mobile applications with rich and immersive digital experiences for reaching out to the millennial crowd. Creating such a deeply engaging experience requires innovative technical solutions along with the expertise needed to build one. This is what Swenson He does; the company powers its clients’ business systems through cutting-edge technology and innovative mobile solutions. “We have engineered highly advanced solutions that are implemented by experts who have the knowledge of doing it the right way,” says Nick Swenson, managing partner at Swenson He.

One of the frequently asked questions that most companies stumble upon en route to their digitalization initiatives is: “How do we incorporate mobile applications in our digital strategy?” Nick Swenson begs to differ, saying the right question they should ask is, “Why do our customers want mobile incorporated into our business?” The company helps its clients in understanding where best to retrofit a mobile application in their business model and then develops the solution for them. When it comes to their development prowess, the company can build mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Hybrid platforms.

Swenson He understands that the products they build for their clients are going to be used by end consumers, and the technical elements in their applications have to be seamless, as users do not have the patience to deal with a product that isn’t the best version of itself. For this purpose, they spend their efforts and take the time in understanding the requirement and business model, the market, present revenue, and most importantly, in studying the user and painting a clear picture of who is interacting with the product. “Once we come to an agreement about the customer, we start to conceptualize the digital strategy, work on the product experience, and build an approach for user acquisition and customer segmentation,” explains Nick Swenson.

Driven by the philosophy that strong mobile technology changes lives in meaningful ways, it is our goal that each one of our projects advances this cause

Special attention is given to uncovering and addressing risks at the beginning of the project. After the application is initially launched, Swenson He continues to support and evolve the app by assessing and updating it based on changing market and business requirements.

For instance, a consumer goods business that was already a customer of Swenson He wanted to revamp their e-commerce solution. “Right from their existing e-commerce platform to IoT-connected hardware, inventory management, warehousing, security, and manufacturing, we had assisted them with everything,” explains Nick Swenson. By introducing AR capabilities into their smartphone applications, the company took the client several steps ahead of its peers and helped them double their annual revenue.

In supporting organizations and creating success stories in several industries such as IoT, e-commerce, fintech, media and healthcare, Swenson He has reserved a sweet spot for itself in the mobile applications industry. While they have increased their investment in R&D, they are also looking in the direction of deep tech, blockchain, natural language processing, and other technological innovations. Over the past five years since its inception, Swenson He has outgrown itself annually and strives to maintain the momentum. Not taking his eyes off the market, Nick Swenson hints that clients are looking for guidance to stay ahead of their competitors. This search is further amplified by a forecasted shift of digitalization becoming platform agnostic while focusing on creating “out of the box” digital experiences for consumers, and this is the course that Swenson He is on.

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Nick Swenson, Managing Partner

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