Swift Software: Bringing Lean BPM and Project Management into One Rapidly Deployable Solution

CIO VendorVaughn Thurman, Founder
When Vaughn Thurman, an avid boater, is out in rough seas, he understands that reliable instruments, performance gauges, and responsive controls are critical to the mission. Data points and controls also help him drive Swift Software—a company that provides agile web-based project management solutions for the enterprise. “We measure everything; we monitor everything; we commit time to analyzing the data and to continuously improve everything we do. When we see a problem we have the facts we need to ensure progress,” reveals Thurman.

In our experience, CIOs are looking for the promised agility and power of BPM, but with the practical execution strengths of a web-based project management system. They need solutions that are cost effective, will be adopted quickly, and play well in the enterprise. Swift Software empowers clients to dynamically evolve their business processes using JobTraQ Project and Task Management Software. “We deliver unbeatable value and competitive advantage, and we are a team that takes great pride in delivering and continually innovating technically deep yet easy-to-use products that help our clients become more efficient and effective,” notes Thurman.

Swift’s product, JobTraQ, provides teams with the ability to measure and accelerate performance through fact-based metrics, time tracking, attached files, change auditing, and intuitive mobile, email, and web-based user interfaces. “While many organizations can confidently report on their use of office supplies and when they will need more, they are far less confident regarding how efficiently their most precious resource and greatest expense, worker time, is being used. Few know how long tasks really take or when they will need more help, even for critical business processes,” says Thurman.
By providing real-time information on team and task performance and the ability to experiment with measurable workflow changes, JobTraQ breaks this chain. The tool delivers true Lean BPM, incorporating task management, project management, and workflow into one rapidly deployable solution with proven ROI. JobTraQ allows semi-technical business analysts to quickly create and modify workflows, and supervisors to effectively delegate, coordinate, and analyze, all in real-time.

JobTraQ can be run in the cloud or on -premise. Robust Web Services APIs and embedded interface hooks allow work to easily flow between integrated systems and rich security affords total confidence in data protection.

For a better understanding of JobTraQ, consider the case of one of Swift’s numerous Fortune 500 customers, a major international insurance carrier (a more detailed report is available on the JobTraQ website). Upon recognizing their U.S. operational team had room for optimization, the company looked to build a new underwriting platform to track and manage requests, ensuring that work items flowed through their teams as smoothly and quickly as possible. Prior to JobTraQ, the client was able to answer the question of what work needed to be done, but not the question of who was working on it or where it was in the human process. JobTraQ fit in perfectly as an integrated System of Assignment. Upon implementation, Swift’s client observed a 30 percent improvement in productivity, as well as greatly increased visibility.

Moving forward, Swift Software aims to continue their strong growth by continuing to partner with their growing base of enterprise clients. “We have an extraordinary retention rate and strong growth because we are committed to developing high quality relationships and software,” notes Thurman. The company recently released exciting new collaborative features and long term plans include developing algorithms to help managers automatically re-organize their work and workflow models based on historical success patterns.

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