SwiftWIN: Enabling Retailers Holistically Embrace Digital Transformation

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Pranav Patel,President and CEO
A veteran in the retail technology landscape, Pranav Patel, the president and CEO of North Carolina-based SwiftWIN, knows first-hand that digitalization or digital transformation is the name of the game for the retail arena. With the increasing globalization and change in shopping behavior of the sector both in sales and supply, the demand for IT for managing complex operations has significantly increased. Today, retailers need to transform their IT capabilities for aligning better with the evolving and competitive marketplaces, making apt use of E-commerce and digital marketing tools, securely collecting and analyzing customer data, and making informed business decisions. Retailers have to improve all their customer touchpoints through technology to carve a niche in the ever-so competitive E-commerce landscape. Pranav mentions about "buy online and pick up in-store (BOPIS)" and mobile commerce experiences, as trends that gravitate towards the diminishing gap between online and brick-and-mortar retail.

Also, given that the merger of digital and offline shopping delivers improved customer-experience, brands and retailers can leverage the notion to their advantage. Helping them achieve this feat is SwiftWIN, as a boutique firm with expertise in Connected Commerce Applications and Data for retailers. Under Connected Commerce practice, SwiftWIN specializes in E-commerce platforms, digital marketing, POS, and mobile-first retail experiences. Inside the data practice, SwiftWIN continuously finds a way to innovate through data integration and analytics. Be it automating DevOps process for cloud adoption or API integration, developing and executing multi-pronged digital marketing strategies, building commerce platforms for both B2C or B2B scenarios, and leveraging the prowess of data hubs and self-service BI, SwiftWIN can deliver it all. They provide value-bound offerings for all touchpoints pertaining to customer engagement and support by leveraging customer data analytics. The company also enables its clients to create and increase sales via E-commerce outlets and remain competitive with giants like Amazon.

Another key differentiator of SwiftWIN is their Innovation Lab, which renders them as technology-enabled consultants with a foot in the door that opens to tomorrow's retail. Pranav mentions BluBunny, a promising initiative that is underway at the Innovation Lab. As an enterprise marketplace and B2B platform, BluBunny is a purpose-built platform using the Google Cloud Platform. The Innovation Lab has enabled SwiftWIN to undertake real-time, high-performing data services such as inventory lookup for BOPIS, promotions, wayfinding, loyalty database to cater to high-volume E-commerce websites. The company is also capable of delivering Microservices based progressive web apps (PWA) and custom application development, ready to use and seamless data integration within Salesforce products for improved customer experience.

Specializing in the implementation and management of various Salesforce products such as Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Integration Cloud (MuleSoft), SwiftWIN has successfully led 50+ projects with a 100 percent success rate. With over 120+ experts, the company is a Salesforce's certified partner with 300+ years of combined systems architecture expertise. Their operations and support to clients are orchestrated across four offices in the US and India, working in tandem with almost 2,000 employees.

We will continue to find new ways to help retailers not only stand up against industry competitors like Amazon but also to thrive in this challenging environment

In addition to Salesforce, SwiftWIN maintains strategic partnerships with companies such as Adobe, Cloudera, Snowflake, Tibco, and Talend, honing expertise in their respective technologies.

SwiftWIN has recently embarked on a journey of providing Google Cloud-based innovative solutions to some critical business problems for its customers. Pranav talks about SwiftWIN's novel engagements with clients. For one of its customers, SwiftWIN has developed a secure, scalable, and affordable set of middleware microservices for omnichannel inventory management and visibility to the consumer for an accurate and real-time view of all products across all channels. SwiftWIN utilizes GCP Compute Services to architect and develops a secure, highly available, and horizontally scalable system to meet unexpected demands. For another client, it is leveraging GCP Big Data Services to provide full-fledged integration of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Shopify Platforms with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to offer a unified experience to end consumers through multiple brand sites of its customer. In yet another instance, SwiftWIN is currently helping a customer migrate its 30MM+ loyalty user base with a set of APIs to Google Cloud and integrate it with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. SwiftWIN utilized GCP's Data Services for low latency updates and reads of users' loyalty profiles to meet high demands on its website without overloading its enterprise loyalty management system.

Following a step-by-step process, SwiftWIN analyzes their clients' strengths, opportunities, and budget-constraints, and provides just-right size, context-aware solutions to help with their growth and works in tune to client-feedback to ultimately ensure long-term success. SwiftWIN's team provides clients with proof of concept— prototype solutions to showcase their ideas to clients. Dependent upon the client feedback, they proceed with their idea and fully implement the solution. Clients can self-manage it, or as their vendor, SwiftWIN can manage it for them if required.

Owing to its unique value proposition, SwiftWIN is growing by leaps and bounds—in a short while since inception—with more than 80 percent cumulative growth rate YoY. Household brands such as Belk, Gap, Michaels, Tailored Brands, Torrid, and Hot Topic are among SwiftWIN's clientele. A large part of its customer acquisitions happens via referrals recommendations and word-of-mouth. SwiftWIN also has a very aggressive and forward-looking strategy for its cloud practice and will continue to harness the power of Google Cloud and Azure to help its customers offer cost-effective, secure, and highly available solutions to solve their age-old problems. "We will continue to find new ways to help retailers not only stand up against industry competitors like Amazon but also to thrive in this challenging environment," concludes Patel.


Charlotte, NC

Pranav Patel,President and CEO

SwiftWIN is a leading technology solutions provider in software development that helps retailers to increase their sales through data integrity, transaction visibility, information security and business process management. Their unique solutions and accelerators are the prime movers enabling real-time process visibility, reducing process cycle time and optimizing end-to-end business processes. They are a one-stop shop for retailers, that can enable them to lure customers from all touchpoints, be it ecommerce, mobile commerce and digital marketing platforms or in stores. With their custom-built solutions and services, they ensure that retailers can have accelerated growth and speedy time to market, even in such a competitive space