Switchfast Technologies: Tailored Managed IT Services Made Accessible to SMBs

Nikolai Vargas, CTO
Innovation and evolution within the IT landscape has granted small and medium sized businesses more opportunities than ever to become smarter and nimbler.

While the availability of powerful IT solutions can be hugely beneficial to smaller organizations, the sheer volume of choice can cause confusion and even set-backs, due to the difficulty of choosing the right combination of products and services. Additionally, smaller firms often feel overwhelmed as they struggle to determine who they can trust for ongoing management and advice for their technology stack.

Switchfast Technologies’ CTO Nikolai Vargas understands firsthand how challenging it can be for small and growing businesses to select the right IT solutions. “We found that our own evolution as a business over the past 16 years gave us the expertise to advise clients on the ideal mix of technology to maximize their ROI,” Vargas explained. “We ease their burden by allowing them to offload all IT management to us–leveraging our fully developed process, depth of staff, and responsive service delivery system.”

When working with a new company, Switchfast engineers start by evaluating their technology infrastructure through a proprietary process that covers hardware, software, licensing, and security. Switchfast then places the customer into the proper IT managed service program, plans necessary upgrades to improve the IT environment to meet stability standards, and provides ongoing support.

Switchfast clients can enjoy an all-inclusive package of managed IT services designed with SMBs in mind, including network and server monitoring, which generate actionable alerts for issues before they bring business to a halt.

Switchfast doesn’t stop at “keeping the lights on,” though; they go a step further to add efficiency to their clients’ business operations by offering hardware and software procurement with warranty & license tracking, configuration according to best practices, and professional services installation. The managed service offerings also include a Chief Information Officer, an Account Manager, and a dedicated team of IT technicians and engineers who get to know their clients’ business, technology, and people intimately.

Crucial for ensuring these components successfully work together is a strategy to drive decision making.

We ease their burden by allowing them to offload all IT management to us–leveraging our fully developed process, depth of staff, and responsive service delivery system

Vargas explained, “A lot of managed service providers claim to offer strategy, but our CIOs actually deliver on that promise by meeting quarterly with clients to discuss their business needs, plans, and challenges to ensure their IT environment is prepared to support them every step of the way.”

He also emphasized the importance of IT security. Because of the costs and complexity involved, many small businesses put themselves at risk by going unprotected.

“We leverage IT security through a practice called ‘Defense in Depth,’ in which several layers of security controls are implemented throughout the organization to provide security compartmentalization, redundancy, and auditing.”

“IT should be an asset to your success, not a hindrance,” Vargas added.

Switchfast prides itself on its ability to provide services that scale as their clients’ needs change. For example, in 2008, they installed a single server for a 12-person financial services firm. In the nine years that followed, Switchfast helped them grow into a worldwide organization with almost 300 employees and over 100 servers.

“We love to help our clients succeed.”

Ultimately, Switchfast’s success can be credited to a steadfast dedication to working with proven methods and building meaningful relationships with clients. “We’re mature enough as an organization to have developed efficient, effective, and repeatable processes, but we are designed to deliver that boutique IT shop feel to our clients so that we can forge a lasting and impactful partnership.”

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Nikolai Vargas, CTO

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