SWYX: Leveraging Communication as a Competitive Advantage for SMEs

Ralf Ebbinghaus, CEO
The way communication takes place within and across organizations has undergone a radical change. Industry observers are certain that this transformation will continue in the imminent years as well, with the proliferation of corporate and private communication tools like Skype, Google Hangout or WhatsApp.

Accelerating the transformation are, clients, co-workers and employees who communicate and cooperate independent of time and place, accessing corporate networks with different devices–even with their private mobile devices. All these interest groups show a pronounced price consciousness and a growing affinity for new technologies. Consequently, one major challenge in terms of Unified Communication is to keep pace with these changing trends and to offer future-proof solutions that are scalable, flexible, and cost-effective. “Our cost leadership, experience and role as the European market leader and manufacturer of IP based communication enables us to address the needs in the SME space in leveraging UC solutions hosted in a data center,” says Ralf Ebbinghaus, CEO, Swyx.

As part of empowering SMEs with the capability to leverage communication as a competitive advantage, Swyx extends solutions such as the Swyx communication center through which a PC acts as an operated telephone and a universal communication device, which allows one to benefit from all the advantages of Unified Communications. Swyxlt enables clients to have quick access to frequently dialed numbers both in company-wide phone book as well as a personal phone book, by defining their own speed dial for internal as well as for external contacts. As a result, all team members are kept informed with respect to login or availability of people.

Swyx Mobile app for iPhone and Android smartphones for instance enables customers, clients, co-workers and employees communicate and cooperate independent of time by allowing SwyxWare users to provide a single contact number and receive and make calls via the Swyx soft client on any mobile phone.
The other product for Micro enterprises from Swyx is the SwyxWare SmartOffice—best defined as a unique bundle of hardware and software that can be individually installed without any installation effort. “With Deutsche Telekom as a strong partner at our side, Swyx customers also benefit from the possibility of obtaining this literally smart solution from the cloud with identical performance and services,” elaborates Ebbinghaus.

Large numbers of SMEs were able to achieve and even exceed their stated goals with Swyx’ UC-solutions by increasing their availability, mobility, cost-effectiveness and the independence of location for employees, partners and customers. Ebbinghaus acknowledges that Swyx’s focus on SMEs as a result of their own belonging to the German Mittelstand has been a strong differentiating factor. Another discriminative feature is surely their collaboration with Deutsche Telekom which makes it possible to call on additional resources, offering an even wider range of immediately available solutions to the company’s customers.

“All our solutions are characterized by their simple handling, flexibility in terms of administration, easy and seamless integration into existing IT-infrastructures from open interfaces instead of proprietary interfaces. In short, our clients benefit from a complete solution from a single source,” adds Ralf.

All our solutions are characterized by their simple handling and user interfaces

As an experienced Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) specialist and a major contributor of cost-effective and future-proof cloud solutions for SME, Swyx is all set to help their clients in transitioning to the cloud. “We will also continue the expansion of our cloud business both with our great service provider partners and specialized reseller partners,” concludes Ralf.


Dortmund, Germany

Ralf Ebbinghaus, CEO

A German-based vendor of Unified Communications solutions with a unique focus on SMEs, providing CPE and Cloud deployment