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John Treadway, CEO
The introduction of DevOps methodology in the IT paradigm has led to enhanced collaboration between software development and operations teams, enabling them to reach higher levels of productivity. However, effective implementation of DevOps approach requires using the right set of tools that supports high-speed development and deployment of solutions. This is where Symphony Solutions comes to the rescue; the company helps organizations adopt DevOps methodologies, according to their specific needs. Symphony Solutions’ objective is simple: to ensure that its clients can rapidly and reliably develop high-quality software solutions. “We strive to speed up the time to market, minimize costs, and streamline the process of software development and deployment for our customers,” says John Treadway, CEO of Symphony Solutions.

For any organization, the main goal of implementing DevOps is to improve their overall team’s performance. To this end, Symphony Solutions helps its clients enhance agility between development, operation, and quality assurance teams by removing barriers, mitigating risk, ensuring faster response time for market needs, and delivering outstanding customer experience. This, in turn, lowers chances of errors and miscommunications during a project. Moreover, by leveraging DevOps practices, Symphony Solutions helps clients experience a smoother development process that achieves decreased total cost of IT infrastructure ownership while increasing revenue.

DevOps team takes care of cost and resource efficiency, accountability and transparency across organizations. Infrastructure needs to hold up on the rough seas of production from an availability, security, scalability, resilience, monitoring, and resource management perspective. Most customers who implement Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) DevOps are fighting a cultural battle as well as a technological one. “Hearts and minds need to change along with the technology. And if you understand the level of commitment required and give DevOps high priority in your organization, you will be in the right way,” adds Treadway.

At its core, Symphony Solutions helps increase the pace and frequency of releases so that clients can instead focus on innovating and improving their product. The quicker the clients can fix bugs or release new features, the faster they can respond to customer demands. To make that happen, Symphony Solutions sets up continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines that enable development teams to automate the software delivery process and facilitate constant testing and ensure that a product is functional.

We strive to speed up the time to market, minimize costs, and streamline the process of software development and deployment for our customers

“We stay informed about our client’s software development process and follow their product performance in real-time so that we can act quickly while keeping control and preserving compliance and security at scale,” adds Treadway. In addition, Symphony Solutions provides an up-to-date application quality and infrastructure along with a stable product with good user experience, thus enabling clients to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Illustrating the ability to handle projects of any size and scale, Treadway mentions how Symphony Solutions has been a long-term partner to Ladbrokes Coral, a UK-based betting and gaming company. Initially, Ladbrokes Coral depended on third-party vendors to release new features for their mobile/desktop application. As a result, their application had inherent performance challenges, and the client was unable to differentiate their product offering from their competitors. Symphony Solutions quickly became part of the extended Ladbrokes Coral team and developed a web platform along with an Android and iOS app to allow the company’s customers to bet from any device. Additionally, Symphony Solutions also built an architecture to support the dynamics of real-time betting for increased user traffic during major sporting events. After implementing a combination of agile, continuous integration/continuous delivery, and DevOps approach to software development, Ladbrokes Coral was able to become more efficient on all levels and steer ahead of its competitors.

Moving forward, Symphony Solutions plans to expand their focus in the North American and European market for new clients, and simultaneously grow its delivery centers in Central and Eastern Europe, particularly in Poland. The company is also keen to adopt DevSecOps services into its portfolio to bridge the traditional gaps between IT and security while ensuring the faster and more secure delivery of codes. Despite Symphony Solutions’ extensive service portfolio, what separates the company is its approach to be different in the way it conducts business. Symphony Solutions forms reliable partnerships with clients to help them achieve success and does not focus on short-term projects.

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John Treadway, CEO

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