Synactive, Inc.: Customizing SAP Applications for the Utilities Landscape

Thomas Eve, CEO & Founder
Thomas Ewe had a vision – access to business-relevant information from anywhere and at any time, mobilizing the SAP workforce, by “Liquefying” the UI and connecting remote locations where WIFI may or may not exist.

Using this passion, Ewe and his team at Synactive is creating state-of-the art technology to manage the biggest challenges raised by the legacy infrastructures in the utility sector. “Since lock and stock complete replacement of all the assets in utility are exorbitantly high, managing the testing and maintenance of the pipes will be crucial to keeping them safe,” says Ewe. However, maintenance for utility infra- structure is a huge challenge when plain SAP software is used to initiate work items for repairs by field workers or maintenance technicians. Even though this software is central to the business, they raise challenges of customer satisfaction, as the usability of the software affects worker productivity, responsiveness and decision making. This is where Synactive comes in, a company that develops innovative solutions to extend SAP applications to all user touch points.

Headquartered in Foster city, CA, Synactive simplifies the user interface of any SAP packaged application (Plant Maintenance, Warehouse Management, Sales and Distribution, HR, etc.) to not only optimize the business and the user experience, but also to better serve customers, reduce the errors and provide a greater adoption of the SAP software. The company’s powerful Liquid UI platform enables thousands of companies in every industry to aggregate and combine SAP ERP screens, tabs and transactions simply by recording and deploying. The solution built on GuiXT technology eliminates all the clutter and unnecessary information for different roles in an organization. “The unique features of our Liquid UI technology that no competitors offer, are two folds; one, a very robust, time tested, and industrial strength UI customization technology that we call WS; and two, extending SAP to the new mobility world without needing to develop software,” says Ewe.

Synactive’s technology optimizes and tailors existing SAP packaged applications and extends them to the mobile phones and tablets when necessary.
The usability helps skilled maintenance mechanics, who have difficulty in using SAP software to document maintenance work (predictive, preventive, or corrective). It also helps to access SAP in an offline mode, which provides a tracking mechanism for failures with a reliable means to input accurate information. “Accurate in- formation, required as a part of equipment reliability compliance help avoid un- planned downtime and breakdowns,” says Ewe.

We have built up a large library of reusable scripts, and domain knowledge and case studies of how our solution impacts our customer’s bottom line

Synactive has over 16 years of experience in dealing successfully with the different applications of SAP. “We have built up a large library of scripts, and domain knowledge and case studies of how our solution impacts our customer’s bottom line, with no additional layers of infrastructure software to slow down usage,” adds Ewe.

Liquid UI provides a multi-touch- point framework and development environment that enables a single version of an SAP ERP application to be customized to different roles and different needs of the user. For an elaborate understanding of Liquid UI, consider the example of Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) that simplified work order creation reducing time spent on a transaction from over 2 minutes to just 22 seconds. MMWD used Synactive’s unique solution that gave them the ability to leverage their existing SAP environment to also enable easier access to GIS and their Document Management System.

Going forward, the company aims to expand its operational purview and continue to build a great SAP user experience that will be helpful for both IT and the business.

Synactive, Inc.

Foster City, CA

Thomas Eve, CEO & Founder

A company that provides end-to-end solutions for simplifying and customizing SAP applications.