Syncron: Optimizing Aerospace Inventory Management

Anders Grudén, CEO
The aerospace industry has consistently been a sector of innovation, showing vast growth recently. This being the case, issues such as maintenance of a smooth and efficient supply chain still can cause unwanted hindrances to the success of companies in this space. The highly regulated industry doesn’t have much room for inventory inefficiencies, and reducing costs and increasing margins is crucial for leading companies to gain a competitive edge.

Syncron helps aerospace companies to improve efficiency through innovative, knowledge-based strategies via cloud-enabled aftermarket service optimization. The company offers Global Inventory Management and Global Price Management software to the aerospace and defense industries. “Our inventory solutions and software pricing models help companies to improve profits, service and inventory management,” states Anders Grudén, CEO of Syncron.

The Swedish company, which has its U.S. headquarters in Atlanta, GA, has addressed the inventory complexities of the aerospace industry by enabling the companies in the sector to be more proactive in terms of handling inventory.

The solution also confers transparency in a client’s supply chain, which was previously a far-fetched thought. “Global Inventory Management has proven to be capable of translating all of the critical information into future spare part planning cycles with the ultimate goal of reducing AOGs (Aircraft on Ground) to the lowest possible cost,” asserts Grudén.

Additionally, Syncron provides Global Price Management software that helps forge financial decisions by determining optimized strategic pricing. The Global Price Management software helps to reduce manual effort, identifies under performing goods and analyzes the market to determine the final pricing of aerospace spare parts. The added advantage provided by Syncron is that the solutions can be customized to accommodate the needs and demands of the industry.
The company has not only produced efficient solutions, but it has also proved its competence with regards to customer service, which is available 24x7. “CIOs are looking to partner with us because of our unmatched customer service and collaborative approach to the industry’s challenges,” says Grudén.

Syncron’s SaaS-based solutions customize and regulate reporting and play a great role in generating productivity. The company has also acknowledged that predictive maintenance techniques are gaining prominence in the industry and provides solutions in this line.

As executives in the industry find it daunting to manage pricing in relation to inventory systems, Syncron’s SaaS based solutions help harmonize time with target pricing of the inventory so as determine profitability. The solutions are designed to reduce the manual work and price complaints. “Our company is uniquely positioned to deliver solutions that can comprehend changes in terms of target pricing over time, as well as in-service aircraft fleet size changes,” affirms Grudén.

CIOs are looking to partner with us because of our unmatched customer service and collaborative approach to the industry’s challenges

Syncron is targeting expanded distribution network management as a key facilitator in 2015. The company is moving towards eliminating the technology barrier that previously restricted demand planning of inventory as well as focusing on the current requirements of the industry to ensure success for its customers. “We are leveraging our deep experience in the automotive Retail Inventory Management space so as to enable aerospace integrators, MROs and OEMs to use vendor-managed inventory to improve end-customer service while reducing inventory and risk in the extended supply chain,” concludes Grudén.


Anders Grudén, CEO

Syncron provides inventory management, price management and master data management software to manufacturing and distribution companies around the world