Syncsort: Leveraging Hadoop for Data Integration

Josh Rogers, CEO
The early adopters of technologies for data processing and integration are noticing rapid financial growth with better operational efficiencies. But the proliferation of unstructured data and growing costs of data systems and hardware is driving enterprises to adopt Hadoop, a java-based programming framework for distributed storage and data processing, to master big data. However, lack of knowledge for coding in this new environment creates a vacuum for developers to pull and prepare data from the mainframes. Attempting to fill the void is Syncsort, an enterprise software provider, with its products and solutions leveraging Hadoop. “We eliminate the skill challenge and enhance the performance of our customer’s overall system,” says Josh Rogers, CEO, Syncsort.

To fulfill the need to collect, prepare, blend, transform and distribute data seamlessly, Syncsort delivers DMX-h. The product is specifically designed to remove barriers to mainstream Hadoop adoption and deliver the best approach for shifting heavy workloads from expensive data warehouses and mainframes into Hadoop. It facilitates adoption and development of Hadoop jobs with a ‘design once, deploy anywhere’ approach. DMX-h provides the connectivity to mainframe and legacy sources for building an enterprise data hub in an organization and accelerates development and execution of data preparation tasks. This enables the teams to achieve significant time and productivity savings. The product empowers the customer to join datasets efficiently without any knowledge of coding. It also introduces an intelligent execution layer enabling users to design sophisticated data transformations. This makes it easier for customers to distribute the data by feeding information to any data visualization tool.

While leveraging Hadoop for enterprises, Syncsort also delivers Ironcluster, a Hadoop ETL solution for Amazon customers. It unleashes the full potential of Amazon EMR and enables the customer to fast-track productivity and deliver results quickly.

We eliminate the skill challenge and enhance the performance of our customer’s overall system

Ironcluster includes a library of Use Case Accelerators providing developers a head start to quickly deploy these, and other Use Cases in the Amazon Cloud. It provides high-performance connectivity to move data in and out of Hadoop from virtually any system. With this product, customers can develop complex data flows in Microsoft Windows, through a template-based graphical user interface for faster cloud deployments.

With expertise in products and solutions leveraging Hadoop, Syncsort has enhanced operational efficiency and saved resources of several organizations. For instance, a leading home entertainment company generated and collected huge volumes of data, which increased their data warehouse and ELT expenses. The client needed an agile and scalable platform to support new business initiatives. Syncsort delivered DMX-h and proposed a Data Warehouse Offload Solution for migration of 500 SQL ELT workloads. The solution saved additional database hardware, software and ELT software license costs for the client. With this new architecture, the client seeks to collect and analyze more set top box data, increase audience measurements and blend website user activity.

While integrating data for the prosperity of its clients, Syncsort has incorporated latest technologies from mainframes to distributed platforms for gaining expertise in data processing. “As we look at future opportunities, we are focusing on this collision between Big Data platforms where people want to analyze data and the mainframe where the most important data is produced and recorded,” concludes Rogers.


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Josh Rogers, CEO

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