Synergic Partners: Inspiring Business Transformation Through Data-Driven Strategies

Carme Artigas Co-founder and Partner
While addressing the people of Barcelona forty days after the World Trade Center attacks, Bill Clinton, whose presidency ended about 10 months before the incident, pondered on the big question on why the U.S. government with all the intelligence agencies sprawling across the country failed to predict and stop 9/11 tragedy. Clinton highlighted the need to obtain and distribute consistent data through different systems, databases and departmental applications, overcoming technological and organizational barriers and unify it to make better decisions. The whole thing eventually turned out to be the current Big Data concept. The speech instigated a Newton and apple moment for Jaume Agut and Carme Artigas who later went on to establish Synergic Partners in 2007 to address Big Data challenges.

Synergic Partners is a management and technology consultancy firm committed to delivering solutions and services that enable companies to leverage the business value of their enterprise data. The company helps its clients to gain competitive advantages in areas such as Customer Insight, Fraud prevention, Risk and Compliance, Financial governance or Mergers and Acquisitions, among other business challenges.

Our continuous search for excellence drives us to discover and develop better ways to address our clients’ needs

Adding to it, Synergic Partners, with the aim of providing the solutions that fits its customers’ needs, promotes an active strategic alliance policy with leading technology providers including IBM, SAP, Oracle, Cloudera and others, Academic and Research Centers such as Columbia University IDSE, and as well as technology startups
and small and mid-sized companies. “These partnerships are a fundamental part of Synergic Partners’ strategy and are essential for improving and broadening the company’s Solutions and Services Portfolio,” says Artigas.

The company’s main focus has always been to help organizations solve their business problems through data strategies. Since “Big Data” cannot exist without “small data”, Synergic Partners’ comprehensive vision includes experience in disciplines such as Data Quality, Master Data Management and Data Governance, allowing companies treat their data as a strategic corporate asset. In addition to that, Synergic Partners help companies to adopt new technology paradigms (hadoop, MapReduce and others) and develop new skills and advanced analytical abilities (Data Science), in order to discover new business insights from Big Data. This means a whole industry tansformation, where companies must evolve from a reactive to a predictive approach.

The company finds huge traction in the market segments including banking, insurance, telecommunications, energy, public administration, pharmaceutical, retail and many others. Synergic Partners implements projects and solutions such as customer behavior patterns discovery, product personalization, dynamic price strategies or fraud detection to help its clients to achieve improved financial controls and optimize their marketing campaigns.

Synergic Partners’ deep industry expertise, together with its specialized knowledge in Data Management, Big Data and Data Science, enables the company to bring a unique perspective and innovative approach to the way it helps the customers solve their business problems. “Our continuous search for excellence drives us to discover and develop better ways to address our clients’ needs,” says Artigas.

Synergic Partners aims to be a trusted partner for its clients through the Big Data adoption Roadmap. This means not only providing companies with cutting-edge technology and industry-specific solutions, but also helping organizations develop the new required skills.

Synergic Partners

Carme Artigas Co-founder and Partner and Jaume Agut, Co-founder and Partner

Synergic Partners is a management and technological consultancy firm specialized in Data Management, Governance and Advanced Big Data Analytics.