Synergies Intelligent Systems: AI-Enabled Business Decision Engine

Michael Chang, President & CEO
Organizations strive to improve decision-making, optimize internal business processes, increase operational efficiency, drive revenue, and gain a competitive advantage over business rivals. Conventionally, this is accomplished using a variety of tools, applications, and methodologies to collect and analyze data regarding business performance. Such projects consume a significant amount of time and require a large team of data scientists and engineers. Helping enterprises find the best pathways to make smarter business decisions, Synergies Intelligent Systems helps reduce the time and resources necessary to improve key performance indicators and generate reliable forecasts for enterprises. “We provide cognitive application services that combine business intelligence, AI, and software development,” states Michael Chang, president and CEO of Synergies.

The company offers the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) technology-based business navigation system, Synergies Business GPS. The system organizes a client’s internal and external data using an automated data fusion technology to construct a database, which is used to generate valuable features for use in predictive analytics using sophisticated algorithms. Built on Bayesian probabilistic learning models and deep learning algorithms, the Synergies AI framework replaces manual, rule-based methods of data analysis and automatically provides reliable forecasts. Further, the system’s capacity to self-learn also minimizes errors while maximizing forecast accuracy. The system’s AI-based interactive interface allows users to enter inquiries, which are processed using advanced natural language processing (NLP) techniques to develop actionable insights based on forecasts. “Simply ask a question and our system will search for the potential mathematical model by analyzing your data and provide relevant suggestions,” adds Chang.

The onboarding process constitutes collaboration with system integrators to determine client requirements and build a trial project, which would later be expanded to a company-wide system. On an average, Synergies requires four months to develop a business navigation system after analyzing a client’s domain and including those specific cases into the solution. There are two systems incorporated into the Synergies cognitive system: the navigation system that analyzes a client’s corporate data to build machine learning models and the user interface engine.

Synergies provides cognitive application services that combine business intelligence, AI, and software development

When combined together, these two components automate and solve business performance management issues.

Currently, Synergies offers services focused on supply chain management and the financial industry applications. The intelligent supply chain management system provides enterprises with comprehensive information regarding operational requirements by applying deep learning algorithms and big data analytics. Synergies has already built partnerships with many logistics leaders in Asia, helping clients automate parts of their supply chain management. Additionally, Robo-Advisor, an intelligent wealth management system, leverages innovative investment portfolio construction and rebalancing techniques to help make better investment decisions, while also evaluating risk tolerances and return expectations to deliver a suitable investment strategy.

Synergies is combining finance and supply chain management in a new field called supply chain finance, which helps companies better estimate credit scores. The company is collaborating with different universities like the University of Hamburg and MIT to further enhance their solution. Chang, an adjunct professor at National Taipei University and Shanghai University for Science and Technology, is guiding students in a project to replace part of the business consultant’s job with an automated technology that answers analytical questions using NLP.

Synergies is building strategic partnerships with system integrators to deliver a unified AI solution helping system integrators reduce the time and resource required to navigate different types of domain-specific AI solutions. Deployed in many major companies across Asia, Synergies is excited to promote its technology in the U.S. market and showcase its effectiveness as an industry agnostic business navigation system.

Synergies Intelligent Systems

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Michael Chang, President & CEO

Cognitive application service provider that helps enterprises make smarter decisions

Synergies Intelligent Systems