Synergis Software: Streamlining Engineering Document Management

When started as an Autodesk Value Added Reseller in 1985, Synergis Software was quick to notice clients’ transition from archaic drawing board and hardcopy print rooms to electronic CAD files, and also the ‘inconsistencies’ that ensued. As electronic drawing management and version control was in tatters, the inquisitive minds at Synergis Software grabbed the opportunity and soon an intuitive document management system for AutoCAD was launched. Fast forward to the present, Synergis Software provides simple, scalable Engineering Data & Document Management solution—Adept, that enables manageability, sharing, and control of design and business documents throughout their lifecycle in a secure manner.

Adept functions with a unique approach that drives synergy between people, processes, and information across departments and locations. Through vaulting, replication, transmittals, workflow, and email management, the software streamlines engineering change and business processes while mitigating risks. With rich features such as full text and structured search, version control, batch publishing and printing, and audit trail, Adept simplifies document management complexities with a single, centralized repository of information. The platform maintains a detailed record of every event pertaining to documents across their lifecycle thus helping firms to meet their compliance requirements.

People across the hierarchical levels stand to gain through this Engineering Document Management Solution. Adept’s information management capabilities for products and projects over their end-to-end lifecycle drives the decision making capabilities through the insights into operations. Engineering and design teams can leverage the automated workflow and approval functionality to collaborate with geographically distributed teams that improves the design cycle time.

The platform delivers quality support for prominent multi-CAD and business applications including AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Microsoft Office, ensuring all design data including CAD drawing files are accessible to authorized users in a secure and easy manner. Adept’s automated data extraction functionality eliminates manual data entry which improves file search and report generation capabilities.

Through tree-structure based visualization of complex file relationships within AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks, and MicroStation across the document lifecycle, Adept improves the design cycle time.

Adept supports knowledge capture in a single repository with a single user interface, ensuring a single version of accurate data so that client could see the latest version of the data every time

Synergis Software has further strengthened the platform with the release of the latest version, Adept 2017, which comes with a new web client UI supporting mobile devices including tablets and smartphones.

Focused on the most critical aspect of design engineering, the Advanced Version Control feature in Adept prevents incorrect versions to be worked on while blocking its proliferation in the subsequent stages. For instance, when Maryland-based AWB Engineers, a full-service engineering and architectural firm, had workflow inefficiency where two different project teams were making revisions simultaneously to different copies of the same file, the end result was unnecessary delays resulting in lower profits and unhappy customers. Synergis Software was engaged to resolve the crisis. By using the Adept document management and workflow software, AWB Engineers could ensure team members are using the latest file and that none can make changes to that file without the knowledge of everyone in the team. “Adept supports knowledge capture in a single repository with a single user interface, ensuring a single version of accurate data so that client could see the latest version of the data every time,” says Scott Lamond, VP, Marketing and Business Development, Synergis Software.

Driven by the resolve to overcome the challenges in engineering document and business process management, innovation is always an ongoing process at Synergis Software. The company looks forward to streamline document management for global organizations spanning aerospace and defense, chemicals, mining, utilities, and government, among others.

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