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Cristian Mora, Founder & CEO
Today, in the age of the internet, a company’s intellectual property is its most important asset and the asset that is always at risk. Protecting this intellectual property anytime and anywhere is paramount to ensure the company’s success. “The continually changing security landscape, along with the increased awareness of both existing vulnerabilities as well as new compliance regulations, are driving customers to demand robust and secure solutions to address their business needs,” says Cristian Mora, Founder, and CEO of Synergy Advisors. The company has long been delivering deployment and consulting expertise and support to clients that are looking to implement Microsoft’s solutions, but it also recognized that it needed to do more to help solve the actual use-cases its clients needed to address.

As a Microsoft Solutions partner, Synergy helps clients develop, and deploy the necessary components into their workflows; be it Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, Intune, Azure Information Protection, or Microsoft identity solutions. Being an independent software vendor, Synergy is a step ahead of its competitors because it can add extra value to the solutions, over and above what competitors provide. Synergy has taken critical steps, through the development of its own software solutions, as well as partnering with other industry leaders, to help deliver a complete solution. The company works closely with clients to understand their business drivers and technical challenges. That is where Synergy Advisors can help provide value and build on Microsoft’s transformational solutions, delivering real and tangible results to customers.

When it became apparent that enterprises required additional functionality in reporting and compliance; Synergy developed its E-Visor and E-Cryptor solutions to address the problem areas of clients. Through numerous client engagements to solve Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and information protection requirements, today, E-Visor and E-Cryptor have developed into a robust set of tools that helps clients up their game.

E-Visor is Synergy’s robust reporting platform that increases the visibility around identity-related incidents such as locations, what files have been accessed, attempts at retrieval, device, OS, to name a few.
Clients gain deep level visibility and reporting in order to meet their compliance and regulatory needs while also gaining massive insights into the location of their data and who is accessing it in real-time.

Being an independent software vendor, Synergy surpasses its competitors because it can add extra value to the solutions, over and above what competitors provide

Synergy’s E-Cryptor provides automated and secure mechanisms for systems and users to gain access to secure and sensitive corporate information while negating the need for administrators to access the data manually. The solution uses detailed and extensible business rules engine, enabling users, groups, and services to request access to specific bits of information under specified conditions; all the while maintaining a full audit and report of the actions.

While deploying Azure’s information protection environment for a global financial institution, Synergy unearthed a flaw in the client’s DLP strategy—the document management system (DMS). As the DMS indexed and compiled the data files, encryption is not possible—which presented a significant security and compliance threat. As a result, Synergy built custom integration to its E-Cryptor solution to intercept the DMS’s file sharing. This not only enabled the organization’s documents to receive adequate protection but also gave the client full visibility of these activities thus achieving compliance and security goals.

Synergy plans to develop its platform solutions further while integrating them with external data trust platforms, cognitive computing, and AI engines to provide a more holistic approach to meet client data governance requirements. Synergy plans to expand its U.S. footprint while growing its security consulting practice throughout Central and South America—an untapped market that has tremendous scope for expansion.

Synergy Advisors

Bellevue, WA

Cristian Mora, Founder & CEO

Synergy delivers deployment and consulting support to clients implementing Microsoft solutions, while solving business problems with its Information Protection expertise

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