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Allen Ellmaker, CEO
Synesis7 represents the new business model for driving transformational enterprise-wide strategic, operational, and point-of-action support solutions.  Synesis7's holistic vision and approach guides its transformational data, software and systems prototyping, development, and integration services and solutions.  Allen Ellmaker, CEO of Synesis7 says, "We are on a mission to build awareness within the defense-aerospace customer community on the opportunity to develop innovative affordable solutions that address the challenges of accelerating change, data and information proliferation, prolonged readiness demands, budget and cost reduction pressures.

Synesis7 offers real business and technology solution options enabling the agility, substantial cost and time-to-benefits reductions, performance reliability, and greater freedom of planning and action customers seek.  We are in the transformation business helping our customers transform their enterprise-wide operations, core business processes, and in the way data, information, knowledge, and technology is brought together and used.

When the U.S. Naval Aviation enterprise was seeking a solution that would substantially reduce the cost and delivery cycle of technical data conversion to a standard interoperable XML format, improving data product quality and usability, the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and Synesis7 engaged in a proof-of-concept effort to investigate and demonstrate an automated assist data conversion capability.  Using its Metamorphose/i3™ technology and process as the core of the solution, Synesis7 demonstrated the conversion of PDF and other electronic formats to dynamic XML, demonstrating reduced data transformation costs by up to 80 percent and delivery cycles by 50-75 percent, and quality that meets or exceeds expectations.

Metamorphose/i3™ is built to support multiple standards, including the international S1000D specification for equipment maintenance and operations information for aerospace, defense and capital-intensive equipment environments.  S1000D has also been adopted by the commercial and civil aviation community, and is now migrating into the shipping (ShipDex) and railway (RailDex) industries, with strong application potential within the energy-oil and gas, power generation, and utilities industries. Synesis7 is positioned as an on-point provider of S1000D solutions across industry sectors. Synesis7 effectively tackles the challenge of applying the S1000D specification to the transformation of legacy technical publications in PDF or other electronic formats. Metamorphose/i3™ can also support the Health Level 7 (HL7) standard for electronic health information.
Integrative data services include: data transformation and migration planning, data and metadata use analysis, business rules development facilitation, data mapping and modeling, transformation, integration, and sustainment.

A current effort that best demonstrates the holistic approach and prowess of Synesis7 is its intelligent extensible Scalable Collaborative Automated Logistics Environment (SCALE)/i3™ development, technology, integration, and deployment framework. The SCALE/i3-based Automated Logistics Environment (ALE) framework brings together and synchronizes customer driven business rules, data and information from an array of sources,

Metamorphose/i3TM reduces data transformation costs by up to 80 percent

knowledge, processes, workflow, existing and new information technology investments, custom developed software and all logistics functions, and it provides a configurable interactive "user point-of-view-centric" interface and dashboard, including support of dispersed mobile environments and user devices. It supports enterprise-wide strategic, operational, and tactical point-of-action logistics and processes providing enhanced shared situation awareness, freedom of action, and decision support. Synesis7 developed a concept model and demonstrated the technical and operational feasibility and cost/benefits of developing the intelligent ALE for NAVAIR based on the Company's SCALE/i3™ framework. Global commercial migration opportunities spanning commercial aerospace, aviation, healthcare, shipping, energy, utilities, and manufacturing market sectors are strong for the SCALE/i3™ framework.

Driven by Synesis7's reputation for extraordinary overwhelming customer-centric focus and performance, significant growth and commercialization opportunities are on the anvil for the firm. Synesis7 is planning expansion to Patuxent River, MD; San Diego, CA; and Bozeman, MT to better support existing and emerging NAVAIR, and other defense-aerospace and commercial business, and increased research and development.


Butte, MT

Allen Ellmaker, CEO

Holistic enterprise data transformation, software, and system solutions provider.